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  • GoFundMe

    GoFundMe Appeal: Celebrate 25 Years of the Haiti Support Group!

  • Ulysse

    Gina Athena Ulysse to Visit Newcastle

    Gina Athena Ulysse to Visit Newcastle, 16th March: Vanessa Knights Memorial Lecture Vanessa Knights Memorial Lecture with Gina Athena Ulysse,…

  • afrokarib

    AfroKarib: The Haitian Chapter

    AfroKarib: The Haitian Chapter AfroKarib will be the first installation of a series of events that will explore and illuminate…

  • leah gordon brighton

    Leah Gordon at HOUSE

    Leah Gordon at HOUSE Photographer, film-maker and curator Leah Gordon registers Britain and Haiti’s junctures between their shared histories, cosmologies and the…

  • kanaval-screening

    Kanaval Screening – Vodou, Politics and Revolution in Haiti

    Screening of KANAVAL - Vodou, Politics and Revolution Haitian history, and not only that of the revolution, is replayed through…

  • aside

    Ghetto Biennale: UCL Seminar

    UCL Seminar: 'Haiti's Ghetto Biennale' In December 2009, Atiz Rezistans, the Sculptors of Grand Rue, hosted their first Ghetto Biennale.…

  • Toussaint Louverture! Finally a Feature Film!

    Toussaint Louverture! Finally a Feature Film! HSG from Black Spectrum Theater, South Jamaica, New York, 02-12-2012 To the New York…

  • kafou-art

    Kafou: Haiti, Art and Vodou

    Kafou: Haiti, Art and Vodou Kafou is a major exhibition featuring Haitian art inspired by Vodou. The event will run…

  • Film Review: Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?

    Film Review:  Haiti: Where Did the Money Go? HSG from Frontline Club, London, 02-07-2012 To the Frontline Club in Paddington,…

  • despite-turmoil

    Despite Turmoil, Art Flourishes in Haiti

    "Healing Ceremony" by Bruny Gerald 11 July 2001by Trenton Daniel, Haitian Times Paintings exploding with colors line the downtown thoroughfares…

  • haitit

    Haitian sculptors are a big hit with English audiences

    by Charles Arthur Three artists from the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, have been making a big impact during a month-long visit…

  • The Sculptors of Grand Rue

    Grand Rue is the main avenue that runs through downtown Port au Prince, Haiti. At its southern end is a…

  • agronomist

    The Agronomist Screening

    London audience gripped by Jean Dominique film – Haiti Support Group press release, 4 May 2004

  • Catching the Spirit – Vodou Art

    Catching the Spirit exhibition at London's October Gallery – review from THE TIMES newspaper, 18 October 2000

  • rnd1_med

    Vodou Blacksmiths in Haiti

    Little Angel by Pierre Jocelyn (Croix des Bouquets, Haiti) Recycled steel oil-drum by Charles Arthur(this article originally appeared in Raw…

  • Pinter

    Harold Pinter and Haiti

    At the opening night of the exhibition, Haiti: Photos, Paintings, Ironworks, the internationally renowned playwright, Harold Pinter, condemned the US…

  • 12

    A Raw Vision – Contemporary Haitian Art

    Leah Gordon by Leah Gordon (This article first appeared in Haiti Briefing Number 12, April 1995) Most of the Caribbean…