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  • CEPR Exclusive: Sexual Exploitation and Abuse at the Hands of the UN in Haiti

  • Annual Report: Amnesty International 2016-2017

  • Ulysse

    Gina Athena Ulysse to Visit Newcastle

  • eroding

    The Jacobin Reports: Haiti’s Eroding Democracy

  • Interview with the Haiti Support Group: Sputnik Radio

  • civil-introducing-haiti

    Seven Years On: Haiti Earthquake

  • Holding the UN to account for Haiti Cholera

  • Haiti Support Group Speaks to TRT World

  • london-rally-for-haiti

    Inconvenient Truth: Hurricane Matthew & Cholera

  • grave-violation

    Hurricane Matthew: An Update from the Haiti Support Group

  • help-victims

    Help Victims Hold UN to Account

  • cholera-campaign

    Join our End Haiti Cholera Campaign!

  • democracy-discouraged

    Democracy Discouraged: HSG Report on 2015 Elections

  • harming-unwanted-gifts

    Unwanted Gifts: A Concise History of Harming Haiti

  • civil-introducing-haiti

    Haitians Deserve the Truth over UN’s Role in Cholera Epidemic

  • pressure-mounts

    Pressure on the UN Mounts over Haiti Cholera Crisis

  • responsiblity-cholera-protocols

    Responsibility for Haiti Cholera Crisis: UN Acknowledges Role

  • European Union and Haiti: Everyday Neocolonialism?

  • annual-general-meeting

    Annual General Meeting July 2016: the Haiti Support Group

  • political-crisis

    Political Crisis in Haiti Worsens: Presidential Deadline Missed

  • reconstruction-waste-ruins

    Caribbean Regional Seminar in London

  • election-update

    Election update: the “international community” gives its orders

  • Our Features in Latin America Bureau

  • electoral-farce-front-pager

    Electoral Farce. But who is laughing?

  • fixing-elections

    Fixing Elections: A Beginner’s Guide

  • judge-deems

    Inigo Gilmore Channel 4 News Update: Haiti Cholera Crisis

  • webinar-haiti

    Webinar: Haiti Elections Crisis

  • london-rally-for-haiti

    London Rally for Haiti: Global Women’s Strike Take Action

  • mining-report

    Mining Report Launch: Byen Konte, Mal Kalkile?

  • Writing the Border – Haiti and the Dominican Republic

  • Reparations for Slavery: A Film and Public Debate

  • aside

    Dominican Republic Crisis

  • Thomson Reuters: Haiti Troubles

  • Reconstructing Haiti at the Frontline Club

  • bbc-news

    BBC on the Haiti earthquake: Did appeal money make a difference?

  • ni jan12 front cover

    New Internationalist Special Edition. Haiti: Two Years On

  • books-on-haiti

    Books on Haiti: Recommendations from the Haiti Support Group

  • Analysis on Haiti Earthquake: Haiti Support Group

  • Haiti: A Nation in Trouble

  • murderous-immune-immoral-illegal

    Immune. Immoral. Illegal? Cholera & Haiti

  • epas-haiti

    EPAs: What do they offer Haiti?

  • USAID-agriculture

    USAID still falls short on Haitian agriculture

  • Toussaint Louverture! Finally a Feature Film!

  • election-update

    Paramilitarism in Haiti continues … and is the US (once more) lending a helping hand?

  • updates-cholera

    Rescuing Haitian rice production – when will there be the political will?

  • Anti-Haitian propaganda in the interests of western imperialism?

  • “15 Minutes to Leave” – New Report on Haiti Housing Crisis

  • Constitutional Bombshell: 1 Year On in the Dominican Republic

  • miners-next-door

    Miners Next Door: New Haiti Support Group Briefing Out Now!

  • human-rights

    Human Rights Situation Update