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Ground Control to EU
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State-Of-The-Art Hospital Offers Hope For Haiti
Prime Minister: Haiti Donor Aid Needs Revision
Earthquake Relief where Haiti wasn’t Broken
Audit: USAID Haiti work ‘not on track’
Disastrous relief for Haiti
Three Years on and Still Waiting for Recovery
Canada’s Decision to Review Haiti Aid Stirs Controversy
Building Back Better Requires Justice and Haitian Participation
Audit Finds US Loan Program in Haiti Filled with Flaws
Journalists Attacked by World Vision Worker
Michel Forst tenders resignation
Departing UN official blasts Haiti’s rights record
EU Sends US$135 Million
“Stop the food Aid,” Préval tells Obama
Following the Aid Money to Haiti. Billions Donated, Millions Hungry and Homeless
Reconstruction Commission members announced
Wanted - An Agenda for Change (HB71)
Wanted - An Agenda for Change (HB71)
227KB EU Development – the Real Road to Poverty Reduction The report slipped out al- most unnoticed and it is still hard to find (see docs/2009_2014 under Meeting Documents 20/03/12). But the un- titled document,...

Recherche agenda pour le changement (HB71)
Recherche agenda pour le changement (HB71)
172KB Le développement européen : trouver la bonne voie ...

Plus ça change – the Republic of NGOs, but which ones? (HB65)
Plus ça change – the Republic of NGOs, but which ones? (HB65)
803KB Rescued Yes, Recovery No, Redevelopment: by whom, for whom? First the good news. To date there has been no second disaster in Haiti, in the form of epidemics, famine or tropical storm damage in the wake of the most deadly earthquake this century. Second,...

Feeling the Fallout from the attacks on the US (HB44)
Feeling the Fallout from the attacks on the US (HB44)
9.13MB The United States' declaration of a "war on terrorism" following the 11 September attacks was met with some scepticism, if not cynicism, by those familiar with the case of Emmanuel 'Toto' Constant. Haiti's number one terrorist fled to the US in...

Solidarity Boosts Union Action (HB40)
Solidarity Boosts Union Action (HB40)
8.38MB After a year-long campaign, the labour union representing some 300 workers at the Marnier-Lapostelle orange plantation in northern Haiti has won wage increases and some improvements in conditions. In late July, the French company that imports...

Unwelcome, Unwanted: Haitian Migrant Workers (HB37)
Unwelcome, Unwanted: Haitian Migrant Workers (HB37)
8.52MB When a boat carrying some 400 Haitians ran aground just two miles off the Florida coast on New Year's Day, the British media had its first Haiti headline story for several years. Haiti 'boat-people' is an old chestnut that is easy to roast and...

Doing the Election Dance (HB35)
Doing the Election Dance (HB35)
8.93MB In 1990, the majority of Haitians were enthusiastic voters, but then saw their elected candidate overthrown by a military coup. When, three years later, President Aristide was returned to power by the United Nations, part of the deal was that...

Sowing the Seeds for a Grassroots Revival (HB34)
Sowing the Seeds for a Grassroots Revival (HB34)
8.95MB These are dark days in Haiti. The promise of economic renewal funded by international development aid has come to nothing. Impunity for human rights violators has given birth to a pervasive sense of insecurity. Common crime is on the increase,...

Old Tricks, New Dog: US
Old Tricks, New Dog: US 'Democracy Enhancement' (HB31)
8.19MB It is common knowledge that the United States uses covert operations and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to destabilize and even overthrow progressive governments, and to subvert democratic political movements throughout the Americas and...

US Makes a Mockery of Justice (HB29)
US Makes a Mockery of Justice (HB29)
10.01MB In a July interview with the US magazine, Emerge, Emmanuel Constant, the leader of the FRAPH death squad that murdered hundreds of Haitians in 1993-1994, claims that his organisation is still operating in Haiti and that   ...