Displacement & Land Reform...

...in Haiti

Election update: the “international community” gives its orders
“15 Minutes to Leave” – New Report on Haiti Housing Crisis
Seitenfus: Haiti’s Doctored Elections from the Inside
Urgent Action: Amnesty International
New Investigation: Post-Disaster Housing Projects
Amnesty International Calls for Urgent Action on Families Forcibly Evicted
Hundreds Face Violent Forced Eviction: Urgent Action
Reconstruction’s Massive Slum Will Cost “Hundreds Of Millions”
Tens of thousands of families stuck in Haiti camps – IOM
Forced Evictions in Haiti Escalating Again
Families left homeless in New Wave of Evictions
Hundreds of Thousands Remain Homeless in Haiti Three Years After Earthquake
Campaign Demands End to Forced Camp Evictions
Haiti’s Increasingly Hidden Displacement Disaster
Haiti quake survivors face eviction from camps – Oxfam
Crises in Haiti Post-Hurricane Reveal International Priorities
Under the Tent: Haitians Living in Fear
Housing Exposition Exposes Waste, Cynicism
Pride and Palaces
Pride and Palaces
400,000 Haitians Still displaced
The Creole Connection: New Orleans, Haiti and Catastrophe
Gold Rush in Haiti
Gold Rush in Haiti
Des familles déplacées revendiquent des logements décents
Frakka exige la libération d’Elius Alfred et de Jean Louis Saint Fort
Turks & Caicos Resumes Deportations of Haitian Migrants
Le 5e conseil de gouvernement se tient aux Cayes
“Under Tents”: International Housing Campaign Launched
Special Edition New Internationalist: Haiti Two Years On
Haitian Government to Relocate up to 200 Slum Dwellers
Ground Control to EU
IOM Direct Participation in Forced Evictions Raises Questions
Fighting Fire in Haiti
[Devastating Fire at] Camp Lycée Toussaint
New Investigation – Shelters That Don’t Shelter the Needy
Beyani Looking for IDP Solutions
How Prioritizing Closure of IDP Camps Aids and Abets Illegal and Forcible Evictions
Home: From Displacement Camps to Community in Haiti
Housing Coalition submits Demands to Senate
Voice from Haiti: “We’re Tired of Living in Tents”
HSG calls for an end to inhumane camp evictions
Overwhelming Majority Living in Displacement Camps
Hurricane Emily’s Near-Miss Too Close for IDPs
Civil Society Speaks Out on Camp Expulsions
Relocalisation Complexe: 450 Familles Sinistrées du Stade National
Threats of Eviction After Death in Camp
Refugee Camps: Haitian Mayor’s Office Vows to Destroy Them All
Verdict: Cholera Outbreak Originated in UN Camp
Haitians Forced Out of Tents to Homes Just as Precarious
Settlement Camps: Many Leaving
Housing Disaster exposed by Haitian CSO FRAKKA
Haiti Needs Social Housing Policy
Storm shreds aging tents in Haiti earthquake camps
Storm kills five, adds to homeless misery in Haiti
Camp Dwellers in New Demonstrations
Haitian refugee camps model future society
Earthquake Survivors Demonstrate regarding camp conditions
Evictions Camp Report Out Now
Citizen Mobilisation for Haiti Housing
Campaign for the Rights of those Displaced by Earthquake
Landowners try to evict Refugee Camps
Jobs and Tents: Préval Appeals
Earthquake leaves 750,000 Homeless
SOFA celebrates 20th anniversary
No trees, no top-soil
Between the Peasants and the Donors (HB17)
Between the Peasants and the Donors (HB17)
778KB New President of Haiti, Rene Préval, unveils his strategy to try to repair Haiti’s shattered economy. ...

Pot Threatens to Boil Over (HB15)
Pot Threatens to Boil Over (HB15)
10.39MB The patience of many thousands of Haitians finally snapped following the November 7th assassination of the Lavalas MP, Jean Hubert Feuille. In Port-au-Prince and many other cities crowds took to the streets, building roadblocks, searching vehicles...

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (HB14)
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (HB14)
8.93MB Haiti's parliamentary and local elections on June 25 resulted in a commanding victory for the Lavalas platform (PPL) supported by President Aristide. Lavalas candidates were outright winners of 5 out of 18 seats in the Senate, and 16 out of 83...

Aristide Returns — Mission Accomplished? (HB10)
Aristide Returns — Mission Accomplished? (HB10)
228KB Three years ago, who would have betted on President Aristide returning to Haiti? Let alone with the support of the United States which for decades has helped to keep Duvalierism alive and kicking. But credit for the return of Aristide must...