A turbulent story still being told…

History and Haiti

To say that Haiti has had a turbulent history, is probably a massive understatement. Here the Haiti Support Group provides more information and analysis about the fascinating, if often tragic, past of the country.

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Sowing the Seeds for a Grassroots Revival (HB34)
Sowing the Seeds for a Grassroots Revival (HB34)
8.95MB These are dark days in Haiti. The promise of economic renewal funded by international development aid has come to nothing. Impunity for human rights violators has given birth to a pervasive sense of insecurity. Common crime is on the increase,...

Fed Up with Violence (HB33)
Fed Up with Violence (HB33)
9.76MB In Creole, there are many ways to express a dilemma. But these days, most Haitians would probably tell you that they are "caught between two fires". One fire is the 'forces of darkness', the legions of former Tonton Macoutes, soldiers, paramilitary...

Collapse of Parliament Heralds Aristide Comeback (HB32)
Collapse of Parliament Heralds Aristide Comeback (HB32)
9.03MB The political crisis, simmering for the best part of two years, finally came to the boil in January. Parliamentary elections due in 1997 and 1998 had been cancelled, and the existing Parliament had rejected several attempts by the President to...

Old Tricks, New Dog: US
Old Tricks, New Dog: US 'Democracy Enhancement' (HB31)
8.19MB It is common knowledge that the United States uses covert operations and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to destabilize and even overthrow progressive governments, and to subvert democratic political movements throughout the Americas and...

What a Foul-Up (HB25)
What a Foul-Up (HB25)
8.6MB In the April elections for nine Senators and 700 seats on new local assemblies only 5% of the registered electorate cast their votes. Commentators proffered various explanations for the pathetic turnout, ranging from the absence of a tradition...

Teachers and Pupils Strike (HB 24)
Teachers and Pupils Strike (HB 24)
10.48MB School students and teachers from the state education sector took their protests to the street in May. Almost everywhere throughout the country state schools were closed because of an unlimited strike called by teachers' unions. ...

Protests Leave Lavalas Shaking (HB22)
Protests Leave Lavalas Shaking (HB22)
8.73MB Roadblocks, demonstrations and strikes - during the month of January generalised discontent was channelled into action in a wave of protests against the government's economic policy. Towards the end of last year there were strikes by shopkeepers,...

Chickens Come Home to Roost (HB20)
Chickens Come Home to Roost (HB20)
8.39MB Following several weeks of shootings and bomb threats, former soldiers from the disbanded Haitian army are threatening more violence if their demands for back pay and release of imprisoned colleagues are not met. Under pressure from so-called...

Farewell Aristide (HB16)
Farewell Aristide (HB16)
10.13MB So it's farewell to President Aristide who hands over to his successor, René Préval, on February 7th. As the living embodiment of the Haitian people's aspiration for the creation of a new society, Aristide has been a quite incredible phenomenon....

Pot Threatens to Boil Over (HB15)
Pot Threatens to Boil Over (HB15)
10.39MB The patience of many thousands of Haitians finally snapped following the November 7th assassination of the Lavalas MP, Jean Hubert Feuille. In Port-au-Prince and many other cities crowds took to the streets, building roadblocks, searching vehicles...