Miners Next Door: New Haiti Support Group Briefing Out Now!

Miners Next Door: New Haiti Support Group Briefing Out Now!
August 12, 2014 admin


Miners Next Door: New Haiti Briefing Out Now! 

The Haiti Support Group’s Haiti Briefing no. 77 is out now. Entitled “The Miners Next Door”, this edition examines the current state of mining in Haiti, the role of global mining corporations in taking advantage of local mining codes and the interest of foreign investors in exploiting Haiti’s natural resources. We also speak to local groups who have opposed the close circles within the Haitian mining industry and who tell us of the struggles and threats they are currently facing.

hb77 mining front pagerHaiti’s mining sector is the latest phase of a well-known economic cycle, where US and Canadian companies secure lucrative deals for much less than they are worth, leaving little to show for it but cleared land, disappointed hopes or worse. People who live in these areas are often unaware of the explorations taking place or indeed the impact that such operations could have on their lives and natural resources.

To read the HSG’s Haiti Briefing no. 77 in English, please click here. En français ici.

All issues of Haiti Briefing are now available for free to download.