Report from Batay Ouvriye Demonstration

Report from Batay Ouvriye Demonstration

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Report from Batay Ouvriye Demonstration. PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — On Wednesday July 28th, 2010, the workers organisation Batay Ouvriye held a demonstration. The following is an excerpt from the report on their website:

“…with various other sister organizations, we were in front of the Haitian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to demonstrate our complete refusal of the occupation/tutorship that is oppressing the Haitian people. In our mobilization leaflet, we clearly explained our anti-imperialist stand, countering the many other political trends that took to the streets on the same day, protesting the Préval administration’s corruption or simply other technical aspects.

With some 100 people, we functioned in 3 teams: one, in front of the ministry with our signs and demands, another with banners, which stopped the traffic and took over this main road, with agitation. And the last that was distributing our leaflets and posters and spraying our demands.
At the last moment, we burnt a Brazilian flag which was intertwined with an American one (see the pictures), while that of our internationalist comrades, Conlutas, was paraded with us throughout the whole picket.
During the sit-in, a PNDPH (political party) walked by us. The worst occurred just after the very moment we had closed; an armed civilian clearly recognized as being linked to the government fired gunshots directly from his car, wounding one of these demonstrators, in front of the police that did not even attempt to arrest him. Just as we have been denouncing since a long time, the Papa/Baby Doc period is resurging! It’s up to us to know what we have to do.
On another hand, a march more specifically organized by Batay Ouvriye was held in Cap-Haitian too. With roughly 150 participants, the march paraded around the whole city with the same message, banners, leaflets and posters.
Both in Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitian, as well as in other areas of the country, the distribution of these materials will continue during the rest of this week.
Finally, we will be receiving news and pictures of the many other demonstrations happening in the United States, Brazil and other Latin American countries.”

Read more on the Batay Ouvriye website.

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