Duvalier Departs. Martelly’s Duvalierism Marches On.

Duvalier Departs. Martelly’s Duvalierism Marches On.
8th December 2014 admin
Thomson Reuters: Haiti Troubles
Death of U.S.-Backed Ex-Dictator "Baby Doc" Duvalier

Duvalier Departs but Martelly’s Duvalierism Marches On. Who needs elections?

We are now fast approaching the fifth anniversary of the 12 January 2010 earthquake. In many ways, it will be a historic moment for Haiti. Not only because of the devastation caused five years ago but also as it is the day on which the country will officially become a dictatorship again and as such, just months after Jean-Claude Duvalier’s death, takes one more giant step back into its Duvalierist past. We provide in-depth analysis of this concerning situation in the latest edition of our Haiti Briefing entitled “Who needs elections?” Version française ici.

The Haiti Briefing

Our Briefing is published in English and French and provides Haiti watchers and decision-makers with an analysis of Haiti’s development issues reflected through the voices of popular organisations on the ground. Haitians and their representative CSOs continue to be excluded from any meaningful political participation and are treated with disdain, a situation which has worsened since the earthquake as the control of international companies and foreign governments over (diminishing) aid funding is stronger than ever.

HB77 – The Miners Next Door (looks at the haiti 78 front page current state of mining in Haiti, the role of global mining corporations in taking advantage of local mining codes and the interest of foreign investors in exploiting Haiti’s natural resources)

HB76 – Stateless in the Caribbean (examines the shocking ruling in September 2013 by the Dominican Republic Constitutional Court to retroactively rescind the nationality of Dominicans of Haitian descent, leaving hundreds of thousands stateless)

HB75 – Caracol: None of Your Business (a thorough analysis of the latest misconceived project to sell Haiti’s cheap sweatshop labour)

HB74 – Immune. Immoral. Illegal? (supporting the wide-spread and legitimate demand that the UN accept legal responsibility in the face of overwhelming evidence that it introduced cholera to Haiti)

HB73 – A Better Class of Dictator? (tracing the downward spiral of the Martelly administration as regards respect for the rule of law and human rights and highlighting the failure of governmental donors to react)

HB72 – Haiti’s Hunger Games (supporting with cogent analysis Haitian agricultural CSO’s demand for long overdue support for food sovereignty)

HB71 – Wanted: An Agenda for Change (looking at how the largest aid donor to Haiti lacks direction, transparency and accountability to more effectively reduce poverty)

HB 70 – Truth Out, Dying Season In (reporting the UN’s attempts to evade responsibility for introducing cholera to Haiti and reviewing the evidence)

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