An Electoral Farce...

but who is laughing?

Electoral Farce. But who is laughing?
12th January 2016
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Fixing Elections: A Beginner’s Guide

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Today marks the sixth anniversary of the Haiti earthquake and the country’s future is looking bleaker than ever: Fraudulent practices by party ‘representatives’ and bogus elections monitors, an almost entirely corrupt political class and demonstrably open contempt on the part of the international community for the Haitian people. Our new Haiti Briefing No. 80 entitled An Electoral Farce. But who is laughing? provides detailed analysis on the current situation.

Here at the Haiti Support Group we thought that the bar of ‘credibility’ had been driven as low as it could go in 2011. We were wrong. Please read our recently published Beginner’s Guide to Fixing Elections for a succinct overview of this assault on democracy.

After much delay, elections in Haiti have now been scheduled for 24 January and should bring an end to President Martelly’s rule by decree, but who will step into his shoes?

Please share our new Briefing widely. Haitian democracy is in crisis and the world needs to know!

Jockeying for position
On 12 January 2015, the mandates of a second third of the Haitian Senate and of the whole of the lower house expired, leaving Haiti without a legislature. This was due to the failure of President Michel Martelly to hold any legislative or local elections since he took power in March 2011. Since then, Martelly has been governing by decree.

In the face of increasing unrest on the streets, and the barely disguised exasperation of his backers in Washington, Martelly resigned himself to the necessity of holding elections in 2015.

According to the Haitian Constitution, the body that organises and oversees all elections is the Conseil Electoral Provisoire (Provisional Electoral Council). The Constitution, in fact, provides for a Permanent Electoral Council but the formal conditions for its creation have not once been met in the 28 years since the constitution was promulgated. A new CEP was duly constituted on 21 January 2015.

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