...holding the UN to account over its role in the Haiti epidemic


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Holding the UN to account for Haiti Cholera
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Evidence grows that peacekeepers were source of infection
Human Security in Danger
Human Security in Danger
Security Council extends MINUSTAH Mandate
Tropical Storm Isaac Sparks Cholera Fears
Ban Ki-moon Recommends Renewal of MINUSTAH Mandate
Cholera Case against UN Stalls
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Haïti-Choléra: Les mouvements sociaux dénoncent “la passivité” de la Minustah
Cholera in Haiti Surges in Storm Areas
Verdict: Cholera Outbreak Originated in UN Camp
Anger Erupts at UN as Cholera Toll Nears 1,000
Surge of Cholera Feared in Haiti’s Crowded Capital
Breaking News: Haiti cholera matches South Asian strain
Nepalese peacekeepers accused of bringing disease as Tropical Storm Tomas approaches
Reports on Haiti’s Cholera Outbreak
UN’s feeble response encourages ex-soldiers
Struggle Against Impunity
Immunité. Immoralité. Illégalité? (HB74)
Immunité. Immoralité. Illégalité? (HB74)
GDE Error: Error retrieving file - if necessary turn off error checking (404:Not Found) L’envoyé Spécial de l’ONU sur la question du Choléra: « Le Silence est la Pire des Réponses » ...

Adieu Vérité, Bonjour Saison Mortelle (HB70)
Adieu Vérité, Bonjour Saison Mortelle (HB70)
Download PDF La Réponse de l’ONU au Choléra : Mépris, Mystifications et Mauvaise Volonté ...

What a Foul-Up (HB25)
What a Foul-Up (HB25)
Download PDF In the April elections for nine Senators and 700 seats on new local assemblies only 5% of the registered electorate cast their votes. Commentators proffered various explanations for the pathetic turnout, ranging from the absence of a tradition...

Pot Threatens to Boil Over (HB15)
Pot Threatens to Boil Over (HB15)
Download PDF The patience of many thousands of Haitians finally snapped following the November 7th assassination of the Lavalas MP, Jean Hubert Feuille. In Port-au-Prince and many other cities crowds took to the streets, building roadblocks, searching...

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (HB14)
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (HB14)
Download PDF Haiti's parliamentary and local elections on June 25 resulted in a commanding victory for the Lavalas platform (PPL) supported by President Aristide. Lavalas candidates were outright winners of 5 out of 18 seats in the Senate, and 16 out...

Problems Not Solved by US Presence (HB 11)
Problems Not Solved by US Presence (HB 11)
Download PDF There has been so little news in the mainstream media you could be forgiven for thinking that, with the return of Aristide, all Haiti's problems are over. Unfortunately, this is not so. The US-dominated multinational force is failing to...

Military Calls Clinton
Military Calls Clinton's Bluff (HB9)
Download PDF Will the invasion of Haiti happen? Does anyone know? Does Clinton know? As we go to press, sources in Washington say it will be mid-September at the earliest. The passing of the United Nations resolution authorising an invasion certainly...

Is the US Serious? Shutting Down the Dominican-Haiti Border (HB8)
Is the US Serious? Shutting Down the Dominican-Haiti Border (HB8)
Download PDF The United States has added teeth to the new United Nations sanctions imposed in May by announcing it will assist the Dominican Republic to seal the border it shares with Haiti, and by suspending commercial flights and banning money transfers....

Hundreds Slain in New Wave of Terror (HB7)
Hundreds Slain in New Wave of Terror (HB7)
Download PDF The body of a well-known Aristide supporter, Dady Pierre, murdered on 10 March in Cité Soleil was found with his skull sliced open by machete and his face cut off. Witnesses identified the attackers as a soldier, two atttachés who work...

Clampdown in Jérémie (HB6)
Clampdown in Jérémie (HB6)
Download PDF Last October, when the Haitian army refused to comply with the UN-brokered accord to restore democracy, the international community needed to act decisively. It has failed to do so and as a result the Haitian crisis has gone from bad to...

Mourning Democracy in Haiti (HB5)
Mourning Democracy in Haiti (HB5)
Download PDF Before the September 1991 coup d'état, 1,500 sacks of charcoal per month were shipped from Jérémie on the western tip of Haiti's southern peninsular. Now, over two years later, that figure has risen to over 4,500. This simple statistic...

UN's Plan for Haiti is On Again (HB4)
Download PDF Coup leaders say yes - or is it maybe? The United Nations plan to end the political deadlock in Haiti appeared to be back on course again after an eleventh hour volte-face by the coup leaders. The proposed plan, engineered over the preceding...