Travelling to Haiti

Travelling to Haiti
11th May 2010
Staying in Haiti
Books on Haiti: Recommendations from the Haiti Support Group
Travelling to Haiti. The easiest way to arrive in Haiti by plane is via Miami (1hour 40 minutes) or New York (4 hours) to Port-au-Prince International Airport. From Miami, American Airlines has two flights a day, arriving early morning and around midday, and ALM has three flights a week arriving around midday, and two flights a week arriving early evening. If travelling from Europe to Miami for a Port-au-Prince flight it is only possible to get a same-day connection with the twice-weekly early evening flights (Monday and Thursday) offered by ALM. Otherwise an overnight stay in Miami is necessary, in which case a visit to Miami Beach’s fabulous Haitian restaurant, the Tap Tap is highly recommended. Tap Tap at 819 Fifth Street, between Jefferson & Meridian Avenues, South Beach, Miami. Tel: 672 2898.
From New York, American Airlines flies twice a day. From Europe, it is possible to fly to Port-au-Prince via the French overseas department of Guadeloupe – take the daily Air France flight from Paris to Pointe – Pitre in Guadeloupe, and then arrange a connection (not necessarily available on the same day) on to Port-au-Prince with either Air France, American Airlines, or Air Guadeloupe.
From the Dominican Republic Many tour operators now offer very cheap air fares from Europe to the Dominican Republic, and this option is worth exploring as alternative route to Haiti. But be aware that many flights to the Dominican Republic arrive in the tourist resort areas, and that it is the capital, Santo Domingo, that is the most convenient and direct departure point for travel onto Port-au-Prince.
From the UK it is worth checking the tour operator Thomson for a flight-only fare to Santo Domingo – this can be as little as $100 return. From Santo Domingo to Port-au-Prince, Caribintair has a daily flight (not Sunday). Overland from Santo Domingo by bus is easiest, although more expensive than making your own way on the Dominican and then Haitian public transport (not recommended if time is tight), with the Terra Bus company. This company uses new air-conditioned coaches which run to Haiti, arriving in Petionville, once a day, leaving at 12 noon. A return fare costs US$75, and they arrange the border crossing and tax payments for you – this costs an additional US$20. Visitors to the Dominican Republic wishing to cross into Haiti by car should remember that car hire companies do not usually permit their vehicles to leave the country.  
Note: Departure taxes of US$25 and 10 Haitian gourdes are collected by airlines upon departure from Port-au-Prince or Cap-Haitien airports. Arriving at the border from the Dominican Republic requires an entry tax payment of US$10.


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