Inigo Gilmore Channel 4 News Update: Haiti Cholera Crisis

Inigo Gilmore Channel 4 News Update: Haiti Cholera Crisis

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Inigo Gilmore Channel 4 News: Haiti Cholera Crisis. Inigo Gilmore’s report on Channel 4 news on the cholera crisis in Haiti. Leading human rights lawyer Mario Joseph – who the Haiti Support Group has worked closely with in the past – speaks of his indignation at the reluctance of the UN to acknowledge responsibility for allegedly introducing cholera to the country. He has now launched a lawsuit in New York’s Federal Court to challenge the United Nations on the issue. Inigo Gilmore reports

10 JAN 2014 World
Cholera crisis in Haiti, four years after the earthquake

UN soldiers are thought to have inadvertently started a cholera epidemic in the poverty-stricken island. Channel 4 News reports from the beleaguered country – four years after the earthquake.

Watching a sickly man spitting into a bucket by his bed while the piercing shrieks of tiny babies in distress ring out around him, it was difficult to comprehend that three years after the outbreak of cholera in Haiti, thousands are still getting ill and dying.

We had come to a hospital run by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Leogane, a 30 minute drive from the capital Port au Prince, a town which has the unfortunate distinction of being the epicentre of the earthquake. That mega-earthquake claimed an estimated 316,000 lives, according to the government. It was towards the end of 2010, some nine months after the quake, that cholera struck Haiti for the first time.

Just as the world promised to rebuild Haiti after the quake, so too it promised to rid the shattered country of this scourge. Now here we were, more than three years on, walking around a cholera ward where young and old, ravaged by their grim living conditions, were clinging to life after being infected by this insidious disease.

A distraught woman, watching tenderly over her fragile sick baby, who doctors said had fungus spreading inside her mouth, told me: “She was just crying, she was crying for three days. So we drove her here. She had diarrhoea in the car. We got here and they ran some tests. It revealed she had cholera.”

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