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Invitation: Haiti Support Group AGM & Film Screening
“The question was whether to die of hunger or coronavirus”: Garment factories reopen in Haiti despite fears
Breaking news: Crisis looms as coronavirus takes hold in Haiti & neighbouring Dominican Republic
Can Haiti’s government act quickly enough to stop the spread of coronavirus?
Coronavirus and Haiti: What You Need to Know
Haiti Workshop in Liverpool: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Remembering the Haiti Earthquake: Ten Years On
Haiti Ten Years On: Earthquake Commemoration
On the death of Charlot Jeudy, LGBTQ rights activist: Haiti Support Group statement
Haiti Debate at the University of Liverpool: Colonialism, Occupation and the United Nations
The Haitian community in the Bahamas was hardest hit by Hurricane Dorian. Now anti-Haitianism threatens to hit harder.
Haiti Support Group: Oxfam works with ‘culture of impunity’
Invitation: Haiti Support Group AGM & Annual Party
Petrocaribe Protests in Haiti: An Update from the Haiti Support Group
The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan? Haiti Really Deserves Better than this…
Phillip Wearne – A Tribute from the Haiti Support Group
The Past and Future of Rights Cinema: It Stays With You
A revolutionary legacy: Haiti and Toussaint Louverture
Doing “good” in Haiti: our response to the Oxfam scandal
UPDATE: Donald Trump and Haiti. Help us shut his comments down
David Nicholls Memorial Trust Annual Lecture: Podcast
Ghetto Biennale Catalogue Launch
80 Years On: Revisiting the Massacre
Fighting for Freedom
Fighting for Freedom
Puerto Rico Needs Help, But Not Like Haiti
The David Nicholls Memorial Trust Annual Lecture
Haiti Will Not Perish – Panel & Screening
Celebrating 25 Years of the Haiti Support Group!
Akala Presents: Legacies of the Haitian Revolution
80 Years Onwards: the Haitian /Dominican Border
Annual Report: Amnesty International 2016-2017
Gina Athena Ulysse to Visit Newcastle
The Black Jacobins Reader
The Black Jacobins Reader
The Jacobin Reports: Haiti’s Eroding Democracy
Interview with the Haiti Support Group: Sputnik Radio
Seven Years On: Haiti Earthquake
Holding the UN to account for Haiti Cholera
Inconvenient Truth: Hurricane Matthew & Cholera
Hurricane Matthew: An Update from the Haiti Support Group
Help Victims Hold UN to Account
Democracy Discouraged: HSG Report on 2015 Elections
Haitians Deserve the Truth over UN’s Role in Cholera Epidemic
Pressure on the UN Mounts over Haiti Cholera Crisis
Responsibility for Haiti Cholera Crisis: UN Acknowledges Role
European Union and Haiti: Everyday Neocolonialism?
Annual General Meeting July 2016: the Haiti Support Group
Political Crisis in Haiti Worsens: Presidential Deadline Missed
Caribbean Regional Seminar in London
Election update: the “international community” gives its orders
Our Features in Latin America Bureau
Electoral Farce. But who is laughing?
Fixing Elections: A Beginner’s Guide
Webinar: Haiti Elections Crisis
London Rally for Haiti: Global Women’s Strike Take Action
Mining Report Launch: Byen Konte, Mal Kalkile?
Writing the Border – Haiti and the Dominican Republic
Reparations for Slavery: A Film and Public Debate
Annual General Meeting 2015: An Invitation
Sony Esteus and Community Radio in Haiti
Judge Deems UN Immune from Lawsuit for Haiti Cholera Disaster
“15 Minutes to Leave” – New Report on Haiti Housing Crisis
Thomson Reuters: Haiti Troubles
Duvalier Departs. Martelly’s Duvalierism Marches On.
Death of U.S.-Backed Ex-Dictator “Baby Doc” Duvalier
Constitutional Bombshell: 1 Year On in the Dominican Republic
Miners Next Door: New Haiti Support Group Briefing Out Now!
Van Rompuy in Haiti this Week – An Update
Food and the Multinational Takeover: The Global Fight for Food Sovereignty
Invitation: Haiti Support Group Annual General Meeting
AfroKarib: The Haitian Chapter
New Haiti Briefing Out Now! Stateless in the Caribbean
Fear for Safety of Human Rights Defender: Urgent Action
Leah Gordon at HOUSE
Leah Gordon at HOUSE
Neglected islanders resist plan for Haiti tourism revival
Grave Violation of the Right to Water in Haiti
Human Rights Situation Update
Economist Reports: Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic
Major Writer-Artist Frankétienne in Scotland, 17-21 March 2014
Seitenfus: Haiti’s Doctored Elections from the Inside
NEWS FLASH: way paved for “Baby Doc” Duvalier to stand trial
Killing Highlights Real Danger for Human Rights Defenders in Haiti
Beauty That Plays Hard to Get (To)
Resistance to Occupation in Haiti: Celebrating 10 Years
Stitched Up: the Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion Launch!
Kanaval Screening – Vodou, Politics and Revolution in Haiti
Human Rights Council Report on the Dominican Republic
Urgent Action: Amnesty International
Labour Solidarity Meeting on Haiti
Haiti’s wealth of untapped mining resources must benefit the poor
Can disasters become an opportunity? Building back better in Aceh, Myanmar and Haiti
Talks on Haiti in London
Talks on Haiti in London
The forgotten victims of Haiti’s earthquake
Cholera Crisis in Haiti, Four Years on from Disaster
The Guardian Reports: Where is US Aid Money Going?
Four Years On: Post-Earthquake Facts and Figures
Amnesty International – Failure to Deal with Consequences of Natural Disaster
New Investigation: Post-Disaster Housing Projects
Infographic. Still in Shock: Haiti after the Earthquake
Caracol: None of Your Business – Haiti Briefing 75
Amnesty International Calls for Urgent Action on Families Forcibly Evicted
Reuters Reports: World Bank Envoy Criticizes Lack of Transparency in Haiti Oil Programme
Wage Hike in Haiti Doesn’t Address Factory Abuses
HSG at Latin America ¡Adelante! 2013
Dominican Embassy in London Picket
CARICOM and the OECS Condemn DR Nationality Ruling
Haitian Protesters Demand President Resign
Dominican Republic Ruling – Amnesty International Demands Urgent Action
Aid or Trade? The Nefarious Effects of U.S. Policies
OAS Visit Dominican Republic after Citizenship Ruling
Live Broadcast on Statelessness in the Dominican Republic
38th Annual Conference of the Society for Caribbean Studies – Call for Papers
Toward New Narratives for Haiti in 2013 and Beyond
Legal Limbo for Dominicans of Haitian Descent
Ghetto Biennale: UCL Seminar
The Dominican Ruling which could Leave Thousands Stateless
The Black Jacobins Revisited: Rewriting History Conference 2013
Hundreds Face Violent Forced Eviction: Urgent Action
Black History Month Activities, 2013
Protest against Dominican Republic
Reconstructing Haiti: Our Comments
Tens of thousands of families stuck in Haiti camps – IOM
Haiti Cholera Mutations Could Lead to More Severe Disease
Why Richard Morse left Haiti’s government
2nd Haiti minister resigns in as many days
Haiti’s Finance Minister Resigns
Quinn and Sutton Launch Politics and Power in Haiti
Reflections on the Reconstruction
Departing UN official blasts Haiti’s rights record
Attaining Proper Food Security
Michel Forst tenders resignation
Journalists Attacked by World Vision Worker
Haitian legal system drags its heels in Duvalier case
Haiti’s Prominent Political Party to Run
Martelly and Washington Push For Another “Electoral Hold-Up”
Haitian farmers call for ‘food sovereignty’
Contracting Cholera. What the UN Owes Haiti
Haitian Sweatshops: Made in the U.S.A.
Is USAID Mainly Serving U.S. Interests?
Haiti Moves to Tighten Laws on Sexual Violence
Duvalier on Trial: Justice or Joke?
Deplorable conditions for cholera patients
Caracol Industrial Park: Worth the risk?
Petrocaribe’s Oil to the Poor: Chávez Legacy in Haiti and Latin America
A Tale of Two NGOs: In Haiti, Disaster Aid or Aid Disaster?
U.S. Holds Key to Duvalier Prosecution
Haiti Support Group Letter to the Guardian on UN & Cholera
Duvalier Must Face Justice
UN Behaviour Far Cry from Conscience of the World
UN fails to get its hands clean in Haiti
Cholera in Haiti: Murder by Foreigners with Internal Support
Haiti’s ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier Hospitalised
Forced Evictions in Haiti Escalating Again
Beaten Haitian Worker Continues Fight for $7-Per-Day Wage
Audit Finds US Loan Program in Haiti Filled with Flaws
Haitian Reporters Accuse President’s Security of Attack
Former Haitian Dictator Denies Abuses at Historic Hearing
Statelessness in the Dominican Republic
Nervousness and Lack of Transparency Surround New Mining Permits
Calls for End to Impunity in Haiti on Day UN Asserts Immunity
Double standards: The UN Condemns Baby Doc, but Exonerates Itself
Duvalier Hearing Could be Historic Despite U.S. Obstruction
Government “free school” Program – A Victory?
Human Rights Advocates: Pursue Charges Against ‘Baby Doc’
WikiLeaks Cables: Did the US Green-Light Duvalier’s Return in 2011?
The Promise, Politics and Profit of Primary Education for All
Better Class of Dictator? Rebelling against Lies and Illegalities
Families left homeless in New Wave of Evictions
Martelly Regime Veers Hard Right with Cabinet Reshuffle
Phoenix Project… born again?
Challenging EU on Rule of Law & Human Rights in Haiti
Outsourcing sovereignty – Interview with Justin Podur on Haiti’s New Dictatorship
Subsidizing Starvation
Subsidizing Starvation
Has the Dust Even Settled? Haiti’s Earthquake: Three Years Later
Learning from past mistakes in Haiti
‘Building Back Better’ Requires Justice and Haitian Participation
Hundreds of Thousands Remain Homeless in Haiti Three Years After Earthquake
Campaign Demands End to Forced Camp Evictions
Tumultuous Year Ahead in Haiti
Canada’s Decision to Review Haiti Aid Stirs Controversy
Haiti’s Increasingly Hidden Displacement Disaster
Report Urges US Lawmakers to Promote Agricultural Imports from Haiti
Three Years on and Still Waiting for Recovery
How Human Rights Can Save Haiti
Further Dual Blow to Claims Haiti is “Open for Business”
Disastrous relief for Haiti
Haiti-Dominican Republic Trade: Exports or Exploits?
World Bank “Success” Undermines Haitian Democracy
Rebuilding in Haiti Lags After Billions in Post-Quake Aid
Resources & Mining: Haiti Awards Permits to Companies
Discussion on Michel-Rolph Trouillot: University College of London
Aid and reconstruction in Haiti: A panel discussion to mark the anniversary of the 2010 earthquake
The U.N.’s Haitian Shell Game
University of San Francisco Honors Haitian Human Rights Lawyer Mario Joseph
Interview: Noam Chomsky on Latin America
More pressure needed to get clean water
Haiti-D.R. Cholera Eradication Plan: Where Funding Will Come From?
Haiti quake survivors face eviction from camps – Oxfam
Uprising in Jérémie
Uprising in Jérémie
Film Maker Oliver Stone Demands UN Act to End Cholera Epidemic
Community Radio Reopens after Protests
Shame on the UN for cholera epidemic
Evidence grows that peacekeepers were source of infection
Haiti Veterans in Hiding Renew Vow to Remobilize
Haiti’s rising food insecurity risks social tension, says FAO
Already Desperate. Haitian Farmers Left Hopeless After Storm
Paramilitaries, Cronyism and Corruption – Popular Democracy Under Attack
Human Security in Danger
Human Security in Danger
Haiti’s Misery before Sandy
FAO Seeks $74 million in Aid for Haitian Agriculture
One-Month State of Emergency Due to Impact of Hurricane
Exploding Myths: Arrest of Brandt for Kidnapping
The NGO Republic of Haiti
The NGO Republic of Haiti
Under the Tent: Haitians Living in Fear
Security Council extends MINUSTAH Mandate
Petition in support of human rights activists under attack in Haiti
Haiti Third in Global Hunger Index
Mobilization against Martelly: Point of No Return?
Haiti’s Constitutional Horror Show
Amnesty International: Threats to human rights lawyers
Kafou: Haiti, Art and Vodou
Haiti’s Second Goudougoudou: The Global Food Crisis
Audit: USAID Haiti work ‘not on track’
Government Faces Mounting Popular Anger
Ansel Herz Reply to Call for UN troops to Remain in Haiti
Haiti and the Shock Doctrine
Housing Exposition Exposes Waste, Cynicism
Paramilitarism in Haiti – Book Launch
Throwing Activists Into Crowded Jails: How Haiti’s Government is Silencing the Opposition
Pride and Palaces
Pride and Palaces
Border of Lights
Border of Lights
400,000 Haitians Still displaced
The Creole Connection: New Orleans, Haiti and Catastrophe
Gold Rush in Haiti
Gold Rush in Haiti
Cheering the Athletes, Booing the Government
Des familles déplacées revendiquent des logements décents
Frakka exige la libération d’Elius Alfred et de Jean Louis Saint Fort
Tropical Storm Isaac Sparks Cholera Fears
Ban Ki-moon Recommends Renewal of MINUSTAH Mandate
Turks & Caicos Resumes Deportations of Haitian Migrants
Tropical Storm Isaac: Victims fault government for not enough “concrete action”
Directorate General of Taxation (DGI) is “wrong” in the case of André Apaid
Le 5e conseil de gouvernement se tient aux Cayes
Brazil pledges to help Haiti build new army
Cholera Case against UN Stalls
“Under Tents”: International Housing Campaign Launched
Earthquake Relief where Haiti wasn’t Broken
Constitutional changes to become law in Haiti a year after vote
UN Legacy In Haiti: Sex Scandals And Cholera
Gold Rush in Haiti! – Who will get Rich?
Martelly: Making the Grade?
Haitian Workers Campaign against Slave Labour Conditions
Money: Where has it Gone?
Former Soldiers Demand Army Reinstatement
Foreign Minister Approved as New Premier
IOM Direct Participation in Forced Evictions Raises Questions
UN sees Jump in Cholera Cases as Rainy Season Begins
Martelly impliqué dans un grave scandale de corruption, selon la presse dominicaine
Haitian President Urged to Control Ex-Soldiers
Fighting Fire in Haiti
Fighting Fire in Haiti
Bureaucratic Delays Stall Mass Cholera Vaccinations
La Population appelée à la Vigilance Contre Remobilisation d’Anciens Militaires
Five Family Members Murdered in Port-au-Prince
[Devastating Fire at] Camp Lycée Toussaint
New Investigation – Shelters That Don’t Shelter the Needy
Clinton: UN Soldier Brought Cholera to Haiti
Le pouvoir dérive, la société civile sonne l’alarme
Haiti Prime Minister Nominee Made Official
Haiti Brief on Political Situation March 2012
Haiti’s Prime Minister Quits After 4 Months
Les autorités satisfaites : Un mort et 130 blessés aux Cayes
On Eve of Carnival, Political Crisis Looms
Post-quake US Food Aid Hurt Haiti Farmers
Lettre ouverte des mouvements sociaux aux membres du Conseil de Sécurité
Prime Minister: Haiti Donor Aid Needs Revision
Haïti-Sécurité publique : Manœuvres armées inquiétantes d’anciens militaires
State-Of-The-Art Hospital Offers Hope For Haiti
Amnesty Slams Haitian Judiciary for Dropping Duvalier Case
How Prioritizing Closure of IDP Camps Aids and Abets Illegal and Forcible Evictions
Haïti-Duvalier : Un an d’impunité et de mépris des victimes de la dictature
BBC on the Haiti earthquake: Did appeal money make a difference?
Haïti: pourquoi la reconstruction n’a pas eu lieu
Haiti-Séisme-2 ans: Un incroyable fiasco
HSG Facilitates UK/Europe Visit by Leading Haitian Human Rights Lawyer
Home: From Displacement Camps to Community in Haiti
Where the Relief Money Did and Did Not Go – Haiti after the Quake
New Internationalist Special Edition. Haiti: Two Years On
Violation des droits humains des déplacés à Port-au-Prince
Cholera Fallout: Can Haitians Sue the U.N. for the Epidemic?
Search for Sanctuary from Sexual Violence
Study Suggests Homicides Dropping in Haiti Capital
Ghost of Bloody Past Set for Revival
Pas encore de papiers pour les Dominicains dénationalisés
Faces from Haiti’s Brutal Regime Return
Five Years for Drop of Water
Over 5,000 Haitian Cholera Victims Sue UN
Participation de l’Etat Haitien: l’Examen Periodique Universel
Police Academy Remains Unbuilt
Britain wants to scale down MINUSTAH into a UNPOL mission
Ending Intimidation of Textile Workers: Campaign
Campaign to end intimidation of textile workers union SOTA
Haiti after the Earthquake by Paul Farmer
Housing Coalition submits Demands to Senate
Des organisations des droits humains exhortent la présidence
Conille gets Crucial Nod in Haiti
HSG calls for an end to inhumane camp evictions
Qualifying after the Quake: Haiti Soccer’s World Cup Dream
Gary Conille est officiellement désigné Premier Ministre
Haïti: 100 jours sans aucun gouvernement formel
Overwhelming Majority Living in Displacement Camps
Hurricane Emily’s Near-Miss Too Close for IDPs
Travaux de Refonte de la Loi Électorale encore Incertaines
Discours du Président Martelly à la CIRH
Civil Society Speaks Out on Camp Expulsions
Haïti: Clinton, décoré et remis en selle
Relocalisation Complexe: 450 Familles Sinistrées du Stade National
Martelly PM Pick had Rocky Tenure as Top Cop
Haïti-Choléra: Les mouvements sociaux dénoncent “la passivité” de la Minustah
Advocating Reconstruction from the Bottom Up
Behind Closed Doors of Port-au-Prince “Reconstruction”
Threats of Eviction After Death in Camp
Cholera in Haiti Surges in Storm Areas
HSG at House of Commons Commemoration of 12 Jan 2010 Earthquake
Refugee Camps: Haitian Mayor’s Office Vows to Destroy Them All
Army Revival Planned for Haiti
Seeding Reconstruction or Destruction?
Haitian Diaspora Allowed to Vote
Verdict: Cholera Outbreak Originated in UN Camp
Civil Society Demands End to IHRC Mandate
Delays Certifying Election Results
Haitians Forced Out of Tents to Homes Just as Precarious
Réclamons la disparition de la CIRH
‘Killing Democracy’ in Haiti, Canadian-Style
Rebuilding Funds: Grassroots Groups
Haitian elections: split reactions to Martelly victory
Settlement Camps: Many Leaving
Haiti Advocacy Week, Washington DC
Delays and Irregularities Mark ‘Smooth’ Election Day
Return of Aristide: Homecoming or Comeback?
Considérations au Niveau des Secteurs de Droits Humains
Reports on Aristide’s return to Haiti
Worrying Increase in Intimidation of Journalists
CIRH a échoué dans sa mission, selon la POHDH
Schools Key to Recovery
Personality, not Politics, Divides Haiti’s Presidential Candidates
Climate Change Worry in Struggling Haiti
Les Organismes de Droits Humains Déplorent le Mépris des Autorités …
Aristide Return: Haiti Spoiler or Savior?
National Forum for Decentralisation Discusses Way Forward
NGOs in Haiti face new questions about their effectiveness
Singer Faces Former First Lady in Presidential Runoff
Haitian grassroots leader submits petition to EU
Baby Doc’s Return to Haiti Revives Dark Memories of Duvalier Era
OAS Analysis: Mission’s Draft Final Report on Haiti’s Election
Country’s Birth Celebrated Amid Crisis
OAS Haiti Chief describes failures of international organisations in Haiti
One Year On: Haitians on Haiti
Clinton Struggles on with Interim Reconstruction Commission
The Poor always Pay: Electoral Crisis in Haiti
Al Jazeera Inside Story – Haiti: A Nation in Trouble
Miami Rice: The Business of Disaster in Haiti
Protests Erupt as Haiti Election goes to Run-Off
Delivering on the Elections: Haiti Grassroots Watch
Beyond Wyclef: What Haitians Want From Elections
Selling Subordination as Stabilization – Report by International Action Ties
Anger Erupts at UN as Cholera Toll Nears 1,000
Next Haitian President: Who Will It Be?
Surge of Cholera Feared in Haiti’s Crowded Capital
Public Lecture and Haiti Workshops at University College London
Haiti ‘got very lucky’ as Tomas Skirted Island
Breaking News: Haiti cholera matches South Asian strain
Nepalese peacekeepers accused of bringing disease as Tropical Storm Tomas approaches
OEA et le Gouvernement d’Haïti annoncent US$1,5m au projet de cadastre
European Commission provides update on its financial aid to Haiti
Reports on Haiti’s Cholera Outbreak
Uncoordinated and Unworkable Plan: Haiti Grassroots Watch Reports
Haiti: Still trapped in the Emergency Phase
Haiti taps Prince Charles charity for city makeover
Haiti still waiting for pledged US aid
Storm shreds aging tents in Haiti earthquake camps
Getting their Reward on Earth: Haitian Social Movements and Reconstruction
M. Pierre-Louis Speaking in London
New Radio Play on Haitian Revolution
Former Haitian PM Claudette Werleigh speaking at CAFOD
How to write about Haiti
How to write about Haiti
Oxfam Agronomist Wasley Demorne speaks at AGM
Haitian refugee camps model future society
Haitian organisations denounce US occupying forces
Group of 184 is dominated by private sector business associations
Democracy and Disarmament in Haiti: BBC Investigates
Kanaval: Vodou, Politics and Revolution
Group 184 a ruling class front
Growing Intolerance of a Free Media
Politicisation of the Haitian National Police
Two Questioned in Connection with Jean Dominique Killing
Latortue Government just as Lax as its Predecessor
No Major Haiti Risk Seen from Wyclef Election Bar
Port-au-Prince or Port-au-President?
Citizen Mobilisation for Haiti Housing
Plus Ça Change – The Republic of NGOs, But Which Ones?
Campaign for the Rights of those Displaced by Earthquake
Conference: From Duvalier to Preval: Haiti Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
“We’ve lost the battle – but not the war” – Post-Earthquake Haiti
Landowners try to evict Refugee Camps
Post-Earthquake Priorities
Reconstruction Commission members announced
Review of “Walking on Fire: Haitian Women’s Stories of Survival and Resistance”
Libète: A Haiti Anthology
Amnesty: Violence against women
Journalism in Haiti
Journalism in Haiti
Protest the physical abuse of Haitian workers in Port-au-Prince sweatshops!
Background to the Brano dispute
Signatures collected by the Haiti Support Group as of 30 April 1999
Return of the FRAPH/FADH documents
Sowing the seeds for a grassroots revival
Despite Turmoil, Art Flourishes in Haiti
Staying in Haiti
Staying in Haiti
Travelling to Haiti
Travelling to Haiti
Books on Haiti: Recommendations from the Haiti Support Group
Book of Vodou
Book of Vodou
Walking on Fire: Haitian Women’s Stories of Survival and Resistance
Haiti in Focus: a Guide to the People, Politics and Culture
“Stop the food Aid,” Préval tells Obama
EU Sends US$135 Million
PAP seaport back in action
PAP seaport back in action
Saving the Clothing Industry
Following the Aid Money to Haiti. Billions Donated, Millions Hungry and Homeless
The Earthquake. Our Assessment
Jobs and Tents: Préval Appeals
Legislative Elections Postponed Indefinitely
Haiti’s Natural and Built Environment
History of Haiti: An Overview
Timeline of Haitian Politics
One Haitian dollar… One Man’s Total Worldly Wealth
Slow heroes
Slow heroes
Journalists Begin to Leave
UNIFEM announces deaths
UNIFEM announces deaths
Looking for Post-Earthquake Survivors
Jacmel: 2,000 Families Affected
Earthquake leaves 750,000 Homeless
“Only God is in charge”
Huge Death Toll in Haiti
Huge Death Toll in Haiti
Campaign for Freedom of Expression
Haiti Support Group Deplores Intimidation of Radio Journalist
Campaign: Garment Assembly Workers in Port-au-Prince
Open Letter Calling for Cancellation of Haiti’s External Debt
Caribbean Journalists Link Up with Haiti
Media Rights Advocate Under Threat
Independent Commission to Speed Up Stalled Investigations into Slayings
Haitian Workers’ Organiser makes European Connections
Guy Delva Interview: “Impunity biggest threat to media freedom”
KOFAVIV: Declaration of the Commission of Women Victims for Victims
Haitian Women’s Solidarity (SOFA) reports on sexual violence in 2006
Protest Against Abuse of Workers’ Rights
SOS Journalistes relaunches debate on impunity
International Women’s Day Declaration
SOFA celebrates 20th anniversary
Collective Bargaining Contract Signed in Ouanaminthe
SOS Journalistes launched
SOS Journalistes launched
New Media Association Denounces Journalist Attacks
Increased Violence Cripples Country’s Backbone
Justice for Rape Victims
Women Denouncing Alarming Increase in Rape Cases
Interim Prime Minister’s Comments Endanger Haitian Journalist
Prison massacre – urgent action
Reality of Post-Aristide Haiti
Alarming Increases in Rape
Alarming Increases in Rape
Failure to disarm anti-Aristide gangs creates problems for relief agencies
Ex-soldiers accused of sexual violence
Interim Government Uses ‘Terrorist’ Smear to Repress Opponents
UN’s feeble response encourages ex-soldiers
Kidnapping and threats. Continuing violations of the rights of Haiti’s journalists
Interim government paves way for return of the military
British agencies urge UK to help prioritise the needs of Haiti’s poor
Prioritise the poor majority
No trees, no top-soil
Where is the respect for workers’ rights?
The Agronomist Screening
Return of the de factos
Minimum Wage in Haiti Not Enough to Survive
Haiti’s Labour Movement in Renaissance
FIFA vice president inaugurates soccer training center in Haiti
Struggle Against Impunity
Justice pour Jean Dominique et Jean Claude Louissaint!
Marleine Bastien,  Ms magazine ‘Women of the Year’ award winner.
Artists and celebrities protest about the Jean Dominique murder inquiry
Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Aristide Statement to International Press
Catching the Spirit – Vodou Art
Soccer in Cité Soleil
Campaign for the Return of the FRAPH/FADH Documents
Summary of Key HSG Events 1992-2000
Jean Dominique Murder Case
Interview with Claudette Werleigh
Reappraising Vodou in Haiti
Joy for supporters as national team wins mini-tournament
Vodou Blacksmiths in Haiti
Harold Pinter and Haiti
A Raw Vision – Contemporary Haitian Art