Women Denouncing Alarming Increase in Rape Cases

Justice for Rape Victims
Interim Prime Minister's Comments Endanger Haitian Journalist
Women Denouncing Alarming Increase in Rape Cases
 28 January 2005

A group of women raised its voice this Friday to denounce the serial rapes perpetrated these last few months in ‘popular’ districts of the capital. In a declaration to AHP, these women declared that a large number of young girls, between 15 and 22 years old, had been raped in different districts of the capital, notably in Bel-Air and Cité de Dieu.

When masked men turn up in these districts and they don’t find the individuals they claim to be looking for, these women who are often under 18, pay for it, the group declared, adding that there are often many men who rape one woman.

According to the complainants, among whom are some victims, the women who were raped don’t make public denunciations even though they were humiliated, because they are afraid that their aggressors might come back for them later. They denounced the behavior of human rights organisations and women’s organisations that were so active during the 1991 coup d’état and under that Aristide government, but who now don’t care about the rapes and all kinds of abuse that residents of poor districts, especially women, have been victim of since February 29, 2004 (date of Aristide’s departure). Nevertheless, the situation has never been so alarming regarding rapes of women and girls under 18, the victims pointed out.

Several families were forced to leave their homes in Cité de Dieu and in Bel-Air due to pressure they declared they were victim of from masked men who already executed several citizens in these districts, those women said. They are the same men, they said, who killed journalist Abdias Jean on January 14th in Cité de Dieu after he had witnessed their crimes. The group of victim women invites the State authorities – if they are not accomplices – to assume their responsibilities to stop the deteriorating situation.

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