• help-victims

    Help Victims Hold UN to Account

  • cholera-campaign

    Join our End Haiti Cholera Campaign!

  • civil-introducing-haiti

    Haitians Deserve the Truth over UN’s Role in Cholera Epidemic

  • pressure-mounts

    Pressure on the UN Mounts over Haiti Cholera Crisis

  • responsiblity-cholera-protocols

    Responsibility for Haiti Cholera Crisis: UN Acknowledges Role

  • judge-deems

    Inigo Gilmore Channel 4 News Update: Haiti Cholera Crisis

  • murderous-immune-immoral-illegal

    Immune. Immoral. Illegal? Cholera & Haiti

  • “15 Minutes to Leave” – New Report on Haiti Housing Crisis

  • Constitutional Bombshell: 1 Year On in the Dominican Republic

  • responsiblity-cholera-protocols

    UN Rejects Recommendations to Change Medical Protocols

  • urgent-action

    Kidnapping and threats. Continuing violations of the rights of Haiti’s journalists

  • grave-violation

    Grave Violation of the Right to Water in Haiti

  • urgent-action

    Urgent Action: Amnesty International

  • Return of the de factos

  • wage-protest-sweatshops

    Protest the physical abuse of Haitian workers in Port-au-Prince sweatshops!

  • responsiblity-cholera-protocols

    Cholera Crisis in Haiti, Four Years on from Disaster

  • judge-deems

    Judge Deems UN Immune from Lawsuit for Haiti Cholera Disaster

  • Amnesty International – Failure to Deal with Consequences of Natural Disaster

  • amnesty logo

    Appeal to protect earthquake victims: Amnesty International

  • Haitian organisations denounce US occupying forces

  • sanctuary-violence

    Background to the Brano dispute

  • Dominican Embassy in London Picket

  • massacre

    No trees, no top-soil

  • Signatures collected by the Haiti Support Group as of 30 April 1999

  • haitan descent

    Dominican Republic Ruling – Amnesty International Demands Urgent Action

  • resources-haiti

    British agencies urge UK to help prioritise the needs of Haiti’s poor

  • Return of the FRAPH/FADH documents

  • Live Broadcast on Statelessness in the Dominican Republic

  • Group of 184 is dominated by private sector business associations

  • amnesty logo

    Hundreds Face Violent Forced Eviction: Urgent Action

  • human-rights

    Prioritise the poor majority

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    Earthquake Survivors Demonstrate regarding camp conditions

  • Protest against Dominican Republic

  • real-comments

    Interim government paves way for return of the military

  • family champs mars eviction

    Campaign Demands End to Forced Camp Evictions

  • bbc-news

    Democracy and Disarmament in Haiti: BBC Investigates

  • real-comments

    UN’s feeble response encourages ex-soldiers

  • foreign-rompuy-eu-ground-rhetoric

    Challenging EU on Rule of Law & Human Rights in Haiti

  • washington-smear

    Interim Government Uses ‘Terrorist’ Smear to Repress Opponents

  • Petition in support of human rights activists under attack in Haiti

  • real-comments

    Failure to disarm anti-Aristide gangs creates problems for relief agencies

  • real-comments

    Ex-soldiers accused of sexual violence

  • Campaign to end intimidation of textile workers union SOTA

  • trapped-Haiti

    HSG calls for an end to inhumane camp evictions

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    Campaign for the Rights of those Displaced by Earthquake

  • IMG_0027

    Campaign: Garment Assembly Workers in Port-au-Prince

  • reality-Bertrand-Aristide

    Jean-Bertrand Aristide

  • Campaign for the Return of the FRAPH/FADH Documents

  • real-comments

    Artists and celebrities protest about the Jean Dominique murder inquiry

  • Campaign in support of other new unions and workers’ organisations