Crime, Drugs & Security

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    CEPR Exclusive: Sexual Exploitation and Abuse at the Hands of the UN in Haiti

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    Paramilitarism in Haiti continues … and is the US (once more) lending a helping hand?

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    Kidnapping and threats. Continuing violations of the rights of Haiti’s journalists

  • Killing Highlights Real Danger for Human Rights Defenders in Haiti

  • Return of the de factos

  • Haitian organisations denounce US occupying forces

  • Return of the FRAPH/FADH documents

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    Interim government paves way for return of the military

  • Fear for Safety of Human Rights Defender: Urgent Action

  • violence-marring-recovery

    Violence marring Haiti’s recovery

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    Special Edition New Internationalist: Haiti Two Years On

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    UN’s feeble response encourages ex-soldiers

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    Failure to disarm anti-Aristide gangs creates problems for relief agencies

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    Ex-soldiers accused of sexual violence

  • Farcical Hearing at IACHR on Gender Violence in Haiti camps

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    Prison massacre – urgent action

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    Artists and celebrities protest about the Jean Dominique murder inquiry

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    Jean Dominique Murder Case

  • Politicisation of the Haitian National Police

  • Two Questioned in Connection with Jean Dominique Killing

  • Paramilitarism in Haiti – Book Launch

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    Peacekeepers Remain in Haiti Another Year

  • Shit Step: Helping MINUSTAH with their Inquiries

  • Paramilitaries, Cronyism and Corruption – Popular Democracy Under Attack

  • MINUSTAH’s Upcoming Renewal: Setback for Democracy in Haiti

  • Ansel Herz Reply to Call for UN troops to Remain in Haiti

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    Reviving Haiti’s Army would Harm Democracy

  • Army Revival Planned for Haiti

  • Des organisations des droits humains exhortent la présidence

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    Britain wants to scale down MINUSTAH into a UNPOL mission

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    Police Academy Remains Unbuilt

  • Ghost of Bloody Past Set for Revival

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    Study Suggests Homicides Dropping in Haiti Capital

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    Search for Sanctuary from Sexual Violence

  • Haïti-Sécurité publique : Manœuvres armées inquiétantes d’anciens militaires

  • Lettre ouverte des mouvements sociaux aux membres du Conseil de Sécurité

  • Les autorités satisfaites : Un mort et 130 blessés aux Cayes

  • Five Family Members Murdered in Port-au-Prince

  • La Population appelée à la Vigilance Contre Remobilisation d’Anciens Militaires

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    Fighting Fire in Haiti

  • Haitian President Urged to Control Ex-Soldiers

  • Former Soldiers Demand Army Reinstatement

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    UN Legacy In Haiti: Sex Scandals And Cholera

  • Brazil pledges to help Haiti build new army

  • massacre

    Massacre at La Visite

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    Ban Ki-moon Recommends Renewal of MINUSTAH Mandate

  • Throwing Activists Into Crowded Jails: How Haiti’s Government is Silencing the Opposition

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    Security Council extends MINUSTAH Mandate

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    Human Security in Danger

  • Haiti Veterans in Hiding Renew Vow to Remobilize