Development Policy & NGOs

  • Annual Report: Amnesty International 2016-2017

  • foreign-rompuy-eu-ground-rhetoric

    Foreign policy chief urged to aid accountability

  • Seitenfus-interview

    Seitenfus: Haiti’s Doctored Elections from the Inside

  • submissions-UN

    Human Rights Council Report on the Dominican Republic

  • Can disasters become an opportunity? Building back better in Aceh, Myanmar and Haiti

  • The Guardian Reports: Where is US Aid Money Going?

  • Four Years On: Post-Earthquake Facts and Figures

  • infographic-haiti

    Infographic. Still in Shock: Haiti after the Earthquake

  • Reuters Reports: World Bank Envoy Criticizes Lack of Transparency in Haiti Oil Programme

  • CARICOM and the OECS Condemn DR Nationality Ruling

  • Audit-USAID

    Aid or Trade? The Nefarious Effects of U.S. Policies

  • OAS Visit Dominican Republic after Citizenship Ruling

  • Live Broadcast on Statelessness in the Dominican Republic

  • International Press Supports Cholera Claim

  • Haitian Cholera Victims Sue UN for Gross Negligence

  • Protest against Dominican Republic

  • reconstructing-Haiti

    Reconstructing Haiti: Our Comments

  • Reconstructing Haiti at the Frontline Club

  • civil-introducing-haiti

    Doing ‘Good’ in Haiti: A Guide

  • murderous-immune-immoral-illegal

    Immune. Immoral. Illegal? Cholera & Haiti

  • Post-Earthquake Disaster in Haiti

  • Tens of thousands of families stuck in Haiti camps – IOM

  • Haiti Cholera Mutations Could Lead to More Severe Disease

  • Aid to Haiti: “Troubling” Lack of Transparency

  • Reflections on the Reconstruction

  • Departing UN official blasts Haiti’s rights record

  • bites

    Hunger Games: Food Policy Disaster Bites Hands that Feed

  • Michel Forst tenders resignation

  • saving-haiti

    Saving Haiti and Leaving Behind a Disaster…

  • Journalists Attacked by World Vision Worker

  • contracting-cholera

    Contracting Cholera. What the UN Owes Haiti

  • Audit-USAID

    Is USAID Mainly Serving U.S. Interests?

  • industrial

    Caracol Industrial Park: Worth the risk?

  • A Tale of Two NGOs: In Haiti, Disaster Aid or Aid Disaster?

  • Haiti Support Group Letter to the Guardian on UN & Cholera

  • cry

    UN Behaviour Far Cry from Conscience of the World

  • hands-clean

    UN fails to get its hands clean in Haiti

  • Cholera in Haiti: Murder by Foreigners with Internal Support

  • empty tanks at lycee toussaint

    How U.N. Caused Haiti’s Cholera Crisis – and Won’t Be Held Responsible

  • Responsibility for Cholera in Haiti? UN Says No

  • Audit Finds US Loan Program in Haiti Filled with Flaws

  • Calls for End to Impunity in Haiti on Day UN Asserts Immunity

  • program-victory

    Government “free school” Program – A Victory?

  • en-2

    The Promise, Politics and Profit of Primary Education for All

  • Families left homeless in New Wave of Evictions

  • phoenix

    Phoenix Project… born again?

  • epas-haiti

    EPAs: What do they offer Haiti?

  • foreign-rompuy-eu-ground-rhetoric

    Challenging EU on Rule of Law & Human Rights in Haiti

  • outsourcing

    Outsourcing sovereignty – Interview with Justin Podur on Haiti’s New Dictatorship

  • Subsidizing Starvation