Haitian Civil Society

  • human-rights

    Human Rights Situation Update

  • coop st marc - pwearne

    Co-operative Agrikol Bab, Montaca, San Marc

  • Killing Highlights Real Danger for Human Rights Defenders in Haiti

  • wage-protest-sweatshops

    Protest the physical abuse of Haitian workers in Port-au-Prince sweatshops!

  • conference

    Sowing the seeds for a grassroots revival

  • mounting

    First Observations on Port-au-Prince Streets

  • submissions-UN

    Submissions: UN Security Council

  • massacre

    No trees, no top-soil

  • Return of the FRAPH/FADH documents

  • resistance-haiti

    Resistance to Occupation in Haiti: Celebrating 10 Years

  • human-rights

    Prioritise the poor majority

  • 4274634444_58f640fe24_m

    Earthquake Survivors Demonstrate regarding camp conditions

  • Fear for Safety of Human Rights Defender: Urgent Action

  • Neglected islanders resist plan for Haiti tourism revival

  • ni jan12 front cover

    Special Edition New Internationalist: Haiti Two Years On

  • ouvriye

    Report from Batay Ouvriye Demonstration

  • Seitenfus-interview

    Seitenfus: Haiti’s Doctored Elections from the Inside

  • grassroots

    Haitian grassroots leader submits petition to EU


    One year on – Haitian CSO ITECA speaks truth to power in UK parliament

  • Petition in support of human rights activists under attack in Haiti

  • Leading Haitian Lawyer highlights rights crisis for earthquake victims

  • Housing Disaster exposed by Haitian CSO FRAKKA

  • unrealistic-immediate

    Earthquake One-Year On: Haitians on Haiti

  • Farcical Hearing at IACHR on Gender Violence in Haiti camps

  • dwellers

    Camp Dwellers in New Demonstrations

  • dictature-duvalier

    Duvalier Must Face Justice

  • 4274632540_f664bf8936_m

    Campaign for the Rights of those Displaced by Earthquake

  • Growing Intolerance of a Free Media

  • Campaign for the Return of the FRAPH/FADH Documents

  • Campaign for Freedom of Expression

  • haitian-protesters

    Haitian Protesters Demand President Resign

  • Speaking

    Speaking Out, Paying the Price: Two Years On

  • year-on

    One Year On: Haitians on Haiti

  • Amnesty: Violence against women

  • Claudette-Werleigh-CAFOD

    Former Haitian PM Claudette Werleigh speaking at CAFOD

  • Haitian Grassroots Groups Wary of “Attractive” Mining Law

  • How Human Rights Can Save Haiti

  • banking

    World Banking: All Change?

  • watch

    Delivering on the Elections: Haiti Grassroots Watch

  • poor-pay

    The Poor always Pay: Electoral Crisis in Haiti

  • Les Organismes de Droits Humains Déplorent le Mépris des Autorités …

  • Haiti’s Second Goudougoudou: The Global Food Crisis


    CIRH a échoué dans sa mission, selon la POHDH

  • worrying-journalists

    Worrying Increase in Intimidation of Journalists

  • delays

    Delays and Irregularities Mark ‘Smooth’ Election Day

  • rebuilding

    Rebuilding Funds: Grassroots Groups

  • Réclamons la disparition de la CIRH

  • Civil Society Demands End to IHRC Mandate

  • Getting their Reward on Earth: Haitian Social Movements and Reconstruction

  • Civil Society Speaks Out on Camp Expulsions