Natural Disasters in Haiti

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    Seven Years On: Haiti Earthquake

  • Scotland For Haiti: Entertainers Rally for a Series of Fundraising Events

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    Inconvenient Truth: Hurricane Matthew & Cholera

  • grave-violation

    Hurricane Matthew: An Update from the Haiti Support Group

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    BBC on the Haiti earthquake: Did appeal money make a difference?

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    Saving Haiti and Leaving Behind a Disaster…

  • responsiblity-cholera-protocols

    Cholera Crisis in Haiti, Four Years on from Disaster

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    Haiti Earthquake 3rd Anniversary Commemoration

  • Haiti after the Earthquake by Paul Farmer

  • Amnesty International – Failure to Deal with Consequences of Natural Disaster

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    Appeal to protect earthquake victims: Amnesty International

  • Post-Earthquake Disaster in Haiti

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    Crises in Haiti Post-Hurricane Reveal International Priorities

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    Earthquake Survivors Demonstrate regarding camp conditions

  • Reflections on the Reconstruction

  • violence-marring-recovery

    Violence marring Haiti’s recovery

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    Special Edition New Internationalist: Haiti Two Years On

  • Can disasters become an opportunity? Building back better in Aceh, Myanmar and Haiti

  • Talks on Haiti in London

  • Leading Haitian Lawyer highlights rights crisis for earthquake victims

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    Earthquake One-Year On: Haitians on Haiti

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    Work resumes Seven Months after Quake

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    The forgotten victims of Haiti’s earthquake

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    HSG calls for an end to inhumane camp evictions

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    Just 2 percent of quake debris in Haiti cleared

  • The Guardian Reports: Where is US Aid Money Going?

  • Four Years On: Post-Earthquake Facts and Figures

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    Campaign for the Rights of those Displaced by Earthquake

  • Beverly Bell on Disaster Capitalism in Haiti

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    Infographic. Still in Shock: Haiti after the Earthquake

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    Reconstructing Haiti: Our Comments

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    US: Unrealistic to Expect Immediate Quake Recovery

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    Storm kills five, adds to homeless misery in Haiti

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    Storm shreds aging tents in Haiti earthquake camps

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    Aid and reconstruction in Haiti: A panel discussion to mark the anniversary of the 2010 earthquake

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    Haiti still waiting for pledged US aid

  • assessment

    The Earthquake. Our Assessment

  • 12 January 2012: Year Zero + 2

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    One Year On: Haitians on Haiti

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    Nepalese peacekeepers accused of bringing disease as Tropical Storm Tomas approaches

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    Public Lecture and Haiti Workshops at University College London

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    Letter From Haiti: Life in the Ruins

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    Haiti ‘got very lucky’ as Tomas Skirted Island

  • Reconstruction’s Massive Slum Will Cost “Hundreds Of Millions”

  • Rebuilding in Haiti Lags After Billions in Post-Quake Aid

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    Clinton Struggles on with Interim Reconstruction Commission

  • Film Review: Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?

  • Haiti’s Misery before Sandy

  • Hurricane Sandy exposes Haiti’s agriculture and environment woes

  • Climate Change Worry in Struggling Haiti