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Comments and analysis. Longer articles selected by the Haiti Support Group editorial team for their strength in analysing and presenting aspects of life in Haiti.

We hope that these insights will help offer readers a more profound understanding of Haiti, its culture and unique history and how these issues relate to contemporary issues in the country.

We do our best to amplify the voices of Haitian civil society organisations genuinely committed to empowering the poor majority, whether they are trade unions, women’s organisations, peasant groups, neighbourhood associations or others.

Our team of Haiti watchers includes grassroots activists and campaigners, members of the Haitian Diaspora, legal experts, journalists, academics and development specialists.


The Haitian community in the Bahamas was hardest hit by Hurricane Dorian. Now anti-Haitianism threatens to hit harder.
The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan? Haiti Really Deserves Better than this…
Phillip Wearne – A Tribute from the Haiti Support Group
Doing “good” in Haiti: our response to the Oxfam scandal
UPDATE: Donald Trump and Haiti. Help us shut his comments down
David Nicholls Memorial Trust Annual Lecture: Podcast
Puerto Rico Needs Help, But Not Like Haiti
Raoul Peck Chronicles of an Exile Film Series
Interview with the Haiti Support Group: Sputnik Radio
Inconvenient Truth: Hurricane Matthew & Cholera
Hurricane Matthew: An Update from the Haiti Support Group
Haitians Deserve the Truth over UN’s Role in Cholera Epidemic
Pressure on the UN Mounts over Haiti Cholera Crisis
European Union and Haiti: Everyday Neocolonialism?
Election update: the “international community” gives its orders
Our Features in Latin America Bureau
Electoral Farce. But who is laughing?
Fixing Elections: A Beginner’s Guide
Thomson Reuters: Haiti Troubles
Constitutional Bombshell: 1 Year On in the Dominican Republic
Miners Next Door: New Haiti Support Group Briefing Out Now!
New Haiti Briefing Out Now! Stateless in the Caribbean
Killing Highlights Real Danger for Human Rights Defenders in Haiti
The forgotten victims of Haiti’s earthquake
Caracol: None of Your Business – Haiti Briefing 75
Reconstructing Haiti: Our Comments
Reflections on the Reconstruction
Attaining Proper Food Security
Martelly and Washington Push For Another “Electoral Hold-Up”
Contracting Cholera. What the UN Owes Haiti
Haitian Sweatshops: Made in the U.S.A.
Is USAID Mainly Serving U.S. Interests?
Duvalier on Trial: Justice or Joke?
Caracol Industrial Park: Worth the risk?
A Tale of Two NGOs: In Haiti, Disaster Aid or Aid Disaster?
U.S. Holds Key to Duvalier Prosecution
Haiti Support Group Letter to the Guardian on UN & Cholera
Duvalier Must Face Justice
UN Behaviour Far Cry from Conscience of the World
UN fails to get its hands clean in Haiti
Cholera in Haiti: Murder by Foreigners with Internal Support
Double standards: The UN Condemns Baby Doc, but Exonerates Itself
Duvalier Hearing Could be Historic Despite U.S. Obstruction
Government “free school” Program – A Victory?
The Promise, Politics and Profit of Primary Education for All
Better Class of Dictator? Rebelling against Lies and Illegalities
Phoenix Project… born again?
Challenging EU on Rule of Law & Human Rights in Haiti
Outsourcing sovereignty – Interview with Justin Podur on Haiti’s New Dictatorship
Subsidizing Starvation
Subsidizing Starvation
Learning from past mistakes in Haiti
Tumultuous Year Ahead in Haiti
Haiti’s Increasingly Hidden Displacement Disaster
How Human Rights Can Save Haiti
Haiti-Dominican Republic Trade: Exports or Exploits?
World Bank “Success” Undermines Haitian Democracy
Rebuilding in Haiti Lags After Billions in Post-Quake Aid
The U.N.’s Haitian Shell Game
Interview: Noam Chomsky on Latin America
More pressure needed to get clean water
Shame on the UN for cholera epidemic
Paramilitaries, Cronyism and Corruption – Popular Democracy Under Attack
Haiti’s Misery before Sandy
Hurricane Sandy exposes Haiti’s agriculture and environment woes
The NGO Republic of Haiti
The NGO Republic of Haiti
Mobilization against Martelly: Point of No Return?
Haiti’s Constitutional Horror Show
Haiti’s Second Goudougoudou: The Global Food Crisis
Ansel Herz Reply to Call for UN troops to Remain in Haiti
Haiti and the Shock Doctrine
Housing Exposition Exposes Waste, Cynicism
The Creole Connection: New Orleans, Haiti and Catastrophe
Gold Rush in Haiti
Gold Rush in Haiti
Cheering the Athletes, Booing the Government
Martelly: Making the Grade?
Money: Where has it Gone?
Haiti Brief on Political Situation March 2012
Post-quake US Food Aid Hurt Haiti Farmers
BBC on the Haiti earthquake: Did appeal money make a difference?
Haiti-Séisme-2 ans: Un incroyable fiasco
HSG Facilitates UK/Europe Visit by Leading Haitian Human Rights Lawyer
New Internationalist Special Edition. Haiti: Two Years On
HSG at House of Commons Commemoration of 12 Jan 2010 Earthquake
Seeding Reconstruction or Destruction?
‘Killing Democracy’ in Haiti, Canadian-Style
Return of Aristide: Homecoming or Comeback?
Schools Key to Recovery
Al Jazeera Inside Story – Haiti: A Nation in Trouble
Miami Rice: The Business of Disaster in Haiti
Selling Subordination as Stabilization – Report by International Action Ties
Getting their Reward on Earth: Haitian Social Movements and Reconstruction
How to write about Haiti
How to write about Haiti
Oxfam Agronomist Wasley Demorne speaks at AGM
Haitian refugee camps model future society
No Major Haiti Risk Seen from Wyclef Election Bar
Port-au-Prince or Port-au-President?
Citizen Mobilisation for Haiti Housing
Plus Ça Change – The Republic of NGOs, But Which Ones?
“We’ve lost the battle – but not the war” – Post-Earthquake Haiti
Sowing the seeds for a grassroots revival
Books on Haiti: Recommendations from the Haiti Support Group
The Earthquake. Our Assessment
Kidnapping and threats. Continuing violations of the rights of Haiti’s journalists
Prioritise the poor majority
Summary of Key HSG Events 1992-2000