Haiti Support Group Members Past and Present

A Tribute to Phillip Wearne


Phillip Wearne

Former Consultant of the Haiti Support Group

Phillip was one of the Haiti Support Group's most passionate activists and advocates. He was instrumental in all our campaigns during the post-earthquake years and was the main author of our Haiti Briefing from 2010 to 2015. After UN peacekeepers introduced cholera into Haiti in October 2010, unleashing a lethal epidemic, Phillip threw himself into the campaign in support of victims and their families. He was relentless in gathering the evidence to support policy arguments which he took into the corridors of power of New York and Washington. Beyond reparation and compensation, his aim was to change the protocols for screening peacekeepers so that no other country would suffer as Haiti had suffered as a result of UN negligence. Phillip found it hard not to get involved with any cause to which he felt he could usefully contribute. These campaigns all had one thing in common – the struggle for social, economic and political justice for those excluded by those in power. For that we thank him for his drive, determination and resolve. As Phillip often signed-off: “Keep going” or in Kreyòl: Kenbe fèm, pa lage! We have set up a Just Giving site in memory of our dear friend and comrade here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/haitisupportgroup

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