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André Pierre by Vario Sérant, Caribbean Net News, 6 October, 2005

André Pierre, a world-renowned Haitian painter died on October 4 at his residence in Croix-des-Missions, north of Port-au-Prince. Pierre was ninety one years old and despite of the fact that he was diabetic, became blind and physically weak, he kept his verve and his good mood.

Haitian movie director Arnold Antonin dedicated a documentary to Pierre’s talent as a painting master. This movie recalled a statement that André Pierre, Salvador Dali and Picasso were the most three fabulous painters of the twentieth century.

Last August 5, the Haitian Ministry of Culture and Communication, together with many cultural organizations, paid a tribute to him in “Centre d’Art”, a gallery in the middle of the Haitian capital. Paintings, sculpture and a bust of the artist were shown.

André Pierre spent his childhood on the streets and raised himself. He was a very hardworking man. He practiced different kinds of crafts like stonebreaker, midwife and “chef de section” (literally, in English, chief of section). He was 46 when he started his painting career. He was a Vodouo priest. His works of art can be seen in important collections in Haiti and abroad.

Until his death, Andre Pierre had been living quietly in his modest house in Croix-des-Missions (north of Port-au-Prince). His residence was surrounded by the smaller houses of his relatives.

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  1. Nancy Branstrom

    I have 6 of Andre’s original watercolors framed 11 x 18.
    do you have any idea how I can sell these works of art. I don’t want to sell online.
    Thank you,

  2. Sarah Van druten

    Hello i’m a Artist to..i have a Blog special for Artists..i love your beautyful Artwork..i want to Support you..can i put some pictures from your Artwork in my instagram Blog… with the title The Haiti Support group

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