Artists and celebrities protest about the Jean Dominique murder inquiry


Artists and celebrities protest about the Jean Dominique murder inquiry. International Alliance for Justice for Jean Dominique – June 15, 2001

Dear President Aristide,

The membership of the International Alliance for Justice for Jean Dominique deplores the recent developments at this crucial juncture in the Jean Dominique case. Of particular concern are the lax security conditions that have led to the resignation of Judge Claudy Gassant.

Additionally, Senator Dany Toussaint, a leading figure in your political party and an individual consistently referenced as a possible suspect in Jean Dominique’s murder, is reportedly now proceeding with highly unorthodox activities including the questioning of incarcerated witnesses in the Dominique case. Senator Toussaint’s ability to engage in such behaviour with apparent impunity is clearly a source of serious concern with regard to the administration of justice by your government in Haiti.

We join Reporters Sans Frontières (letter to Minister of Justice Gary Lissade, 12 June) and Civil Society Organizations of Haiti (open letter, 8 June) in reminding the Haitian government of its sacred duty to ensure the safe and independent consideration of Judge Gassant’s report and the swift implementation of the conclusions delivered.

The Alliance deeply regrets that you have not yet had occasion to reply to our urgent communiqués of May 14 and April 25. As stated in the recent open letter from Haitian Civil Society Organizations dated 8 June 2001, ‘The eyes of all Haiti and of the entire world are watching you.’ The demand of this international audience is for absolute justice.

Respectfully yours,

Over 100 international artists and celebrities including Woody Allen, Robert Altman, Lauren Bacall, Luc Besson (France), Ethan Coen, Joel Coen, Roger Corman, John Cusack, Ophelia Dahl, Edwidge Danticat, Jonathan Demme, Ted Demme, Robert De Niro, Peter Gabriel (UK), Richard Gere, Danny Glover, Wyclef Jean, Norman Jewison, Quincy Jones, Nelly Kaplan (France), Spike Lee, Sidney Lumet, Norman Mailer, Michael Mann, Jean-Pierre Marchand (France), Toni Morrison, Paul Newman, Thandie Newton (UK), Gregory Peck, Harold Pinter (UK), Robert Redford, Tim Robbins, Julia Roberts, Arundhati Roy (India), Susan Sarandon, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Denzel Washington, Robin Williams.

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