Haiti in Focus: a Guide to the People, Politics and Culture


Haiti in Focus: a Guide to the People, Politics and Culture by Charles Arthur

Published by Interlink Books, New York / Latin America Bureau, London, January 2002. Price £7.99

In concise, informative chapters, Haiti in Focus looks at the land and people, the history and culture, the economy and society, and the politics of this fascinating country. Plus – tips for travellers and where to go/what to see sections. Written in early-mid 2001.

“There are less than one hundred pages for the author to give enough background and foreground to prepare the visitor. For a book that fits comfortably and lightly in a backpack, Arthur provides a newcomer with sufficient information to get a start, and to have enough facts at hand to begin some questions for old hands.” – LeGrace Benson, Journal of Haitian Studies

“For a brief, well-written, inexpensive, up-to-date, and accurate guide to Haiti, I highly recommend Charles Arthur’s Haiti in Focus.” – Robert Lawless, author of ‘Haiti’s Bad Press: Origins, Development, and Consequences’.

“You’ll be fascinated, impressed, depressed, and delighted with Charles Arthur’s succinct introduction to the people, culture, and history of a small nation so very close to U.S. shores and U.S. history, yet so very far from our thoughts. This little book enlightened and amazed students in my class. We all give it a two-thumbs- up! Thanks for giving me and my students exactly what we needed!” – Karen Davis, Head of Humanities, Marygrove College, Detroit.

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