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OAS Haiti Chief describes failures of international organisations in Haiti

Editorial comment: The following interview with Ricardo Seitenfus, outgoing representative in Haiti of the Organisation of American States (OAS), by the Swiss daily “Le Temps”, is a rare but welcome admission, by a top official of one of the intergovernmental organisations that have for decades exercised a disproportionate influence in Haiti, how many of the policies of the “international community” have failed Haiti, and that finally it is time for them to give room to the development of a “Haitian vision for reconstruction”.


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Country’s Birth Celebrated Amid Crisis

preval - newshour
Photo: President Preval – © NewsHour

BY JACQUELINE CHARLES, Miami Herald, Jan. 02, 2011

Gonaïves – Some 207 years after their enslaved ancestors broke the shackles of slavery, Haitians commemorated their country’s birth as the world’s first black republic amid crisis and uncertainty.

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OAS Analysis: Mission’s Draft Final Report on Haiti’s Election

ballot boxes 28nov10
Photo: Ballot boxes, 28/11/2010 – © Joris Willems

By Mark Weisbrot and Jake Johnston

A draft copy of the Organization of American States (OAS) Report on Haiti’s election, “Organization of American States Expert Verification Mission, President Election — First Round 2010 — Final Report,”1 was leaked to the press last week, and the Center for Economic and Policy Research posted a copy on its website after receiving it from a different source.  The report was formally presented to Haitian president Rene Préval on January 13.

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