Jacmel: 2,000 Families Affected


Jacmel: 2,000 Families Affected, 15 January 2010

In the Jacmel region around 2,000 families has been affected leaving around 20,000 people in very bad condition.

For the moment we have an estimate of 150 deaths but some children are still under a school building. We have set up 4 camps one of them with 4,000 persons. We are doing our best to manage the situation in Jacmel with the assistance of the UN and local authorities. But we are still traumatized and are waiting for humanitarian assistance. The earth is still shaking at night.

Early at 5am every morning, for two hours there are like 500 – 600 people on the streets singing religious songs, dancing and blessing God for being alive. It is like a parade, the local way of healing their pain, it is vey impressive. A real therapy for these victims which have lost everything except their faith. (Cine Institute, Jacmel)

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