Hurricane Matthew: An Update from the Haiti Support Group

Hurricane Matthew: An Update from the Haiti Support Group
6th October 2016 admin
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Many of you have contacted us over the last few days to ask what you can do in light of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

We encourage you to read this great piece entitled Hurricane Matthew in Haiti: Looking Beyond the Disaster Narrative.

In the article Mark Schuller, Associate Professor at Northern Illinois University and affiliate at l’Université d’État d’haiti, provides the following list of recommendations for all those concerned about how to best support local efforts, initiatives, ideas and organisations on the ground in Haiti.

Please share widely.

  1. Support the initiatives led by Haitian people and groups
  2. If we contribute aid to a foreign agency, demand they post their decisions and relationships with local groups
  3. Solidarity, not charity
  4. Address the root causes, including neoliberal policies our governments enforced
  5. Demand that our aid has real participation by local groups, not just doing the work but setting priorities and identifying how the work is to get done
  6. Actually reinforce human capacity – making sure this time expertise is shared with a critical mass of Haitian actors, who can and should be the ones making decisions
  7. Link humanitarian aid to development (not the old, failed neoliberal model), and disaster preparedness


…Civil Society Organisations

You can click here for a list of organisations based in Haiti, the UK and elsewhere. We are not formally linked to all of these organisations, and do not necessarily always share their views, although we often collaborate together. The list will, however, certainly be of interest to Haiti Watchers wishing to learn more about Haiti and looking to support the country in different ways.

…Support and donations

The Haiti Support Group is a small solidarity organisation and our work is only possible thanks to the generous support of our members and donors. Any financial contribution, no matter how small, will go a long way to ensuring that we are able to continue to work in solidarity with the poor majority in Haiti.

Please click on the link below to make a donation.


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