Our Features in Latin America Bureau

Our Features in Latin America Bureau

Election update: the “international community” gives its orders
Fixing Elections: A Beginner’s Guide

The Haiti Support Group regularly features on the Latin America Bureau webpage. Here are some links to our stories:

A Beginner’s Guide to Fixing Elections, Jan 14, 2016

Haiti – the Battle for Paradise, Jan 9, 2015

Haiti – Who Needs Elections? Dec 5, 2014

Haiti: Duvalier is Dead, Duvalierism Lives On, Nov 13, 2014

Haiti – Human Rights Activists in the Line of Fire, Feb 27, 2014

Haiti, No Sweat, Jan 28, 2014

Dominican high court threat to Dominicans of Haitian descent, Sept 30, 2013

Beyond Relief, Beyond Belief, Jan 2, 2012

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