Vodou and Religion in Haiti

Vodou is a religion – it is also a major feature of Haitian history, society, culture and identity. Vodou inspired the slave revolution that created the modern state of Haiti, and serves as the inspiration for huge numbers of Haitian artists and musicians.

Calendar: Vodou Feasts and Festivals

photo by Leah Gordon

  • 2-4 January – Cassé Gâteau
  • 6 January – Tirer Gâteau (Les rois)
  • 25 February – Nourriture Rituelle des sources têt d’ l’eau
  • 16 March – Loco Davi (manger du bois rituel)
  • 19 March – St Joseph Expression de la juridiction Legba

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    Book of Vodou

    Book of Vodou by Leah Gordon Published by Barron’s Educational Series. ISBN 0-7641-5249-1 Price £10.50 ‘The Book of Vodou’ is

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