Libète: A Haiti Anthology


Libète: A Haiti Anthology.Edited by Charles Arthur and Michael Dash, published by the Latin America Bureau (London), Markus Wiener (Princeton) and Ian Randle (Kingston)

For more information see Haiti Briefing No. 34

“For anyone seriously interested in Haiti, this is not an important work – it is an indispensable work. It belongs not only in one’s school/college/university library, but in one’s personal collection as well.” – Bryant Freeman, University of Kansas.

“Libète is an excellent introduction to Haiti, possibly the best in English. A student, visitor or solidarity activist who had read nothing else on Haiti would have a pretty good idea of what was going on in a variety of fields. It is equally useful for veterans: it points out the gaps that we all have in our knowledge, and shows where we can go to fill these gaps. It is also a good reference for the specialist’s shelf, for quick access to subjects outside one’s expertise.” – Brian Concannon, International Lawyers’ Office, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

“It is an excellent and comprehensive source of information about Haiti and Haitians.” – Dr. Bob Maguire, Trinity College Haiti Program, Washington, DC.

“An essential companion for any visitor to Haiti, ‘Libète: A Haiti Anthology’ covers Haitian history from the Arawaks to Aristide. This immensely readable collection of short extracts, many by Haitian authors, is breathtaking in its scope and detail.” – Lonely Planet Guide to the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

“‘Libète: A Haiti Anthology’ contains many essays – mercifully concise and to the point – on all facets of Haiti’s history, daunting social problems and fascinating culture. They are, by and large, written by Haitians and friends of Haiti, and grouped in logical sections with introductory notes that bring coherence and perspective to Haiti’s long, tortuous and unfinished march towards ‘Libète’. It is simply the best book that has been published in English on Haiti in the last decade!” – Max J. Blanchet of the Bay Area Haitian American Council.

“‘Libète’ is a really excellent read…It is a wonderful, necessary and invaluable addition to the students’ reading lists here at the Geography Department.” – David Howard, Oxford University, author of The Dominican Republic: In Focus.

“The editors have produced a masterpiece…a book that should be in the library of every Haiti enthusiast. Warmly recommended.” – Bert Van Mulders, Ayiti Nouvel (quarterly periodical of the Flemish Haiti Work Group).

“An incisive anthology which offers a challenging but well-paved introduction to the country…Edited skillfully and conscientiously, “Libète” is a resource which merits being consulted regularly.” – Haiti Progrès newspaper.

“This magnificent anthology.” – Father John Medcalf, The Tablet (British Catholic weekly).

“This is an extraordinary book, and one that fills a great gap in what’s available…don’t wait on this one. It’s a must for any household with an interest in Haiti.” – Bob Corbett, Webster University, and moderator of the Haiti email list.

“A remarkable collection. The selection is careful, judicious and enlightening; whoever reads this volume will end up with a sound and rich general knowledge of the country and its people.” – Sidney Mintz, Professor of Anthropology, John Hopkins University.

You can order this book in the U.S. from Markus Wiener

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