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Haiti Reconstruction Commission: Official and complete list of all representatives

After many rumors, appointments being questioned, false advertisements and a lack of communication, probably due to a problem of youth of the HRIC, here is the OFFICIAL LIST as expected of all members serving on the Interim Commission for the Reconstruction Co-Presidents of Haiti, Haitian members, international members and non-voting representatives (OAS, national and international NGOs and Diaspora).

The HRIC currently has 24 members entitled to vote (12 representatives and 12 representatives Haitian international) and four members from other sectors without voting. The number of members of the HRIC could increase in coming days or weeks if other countries confirm investment of over $100 million (as in Japan, whose appointment is expected). Each appointment of an additional foreign member causes automatic appointment of a member of Haiti to maintain parity.


President William Jefferson Clinton, co-chair
Jean Max Bellerive, Prime Minister, Co-Chair

Dr. Marie George Solomon
Ms Suze Percy
Claude Jeudy
Dr. Jean Rénald Clérismé

Local authorities:
Raoul Pierre Louis, Representative of National Federation of Haiti CASEC
Mr. Joseph G. Louis , Representative National Federation of Mayors of Haiti

Business Sector Representative
Dr. Reginald Boulos

Representative of the Senate of the Republic
Lucien Jean Bernard

Representing the union sector
Mr. Jean Claude Lebrun

Representative House of Representatives
Mr. Lucien Francoeur

Representatives Judiciary
Mr. Gary Lissade
Mr. Georges Henry Son


Antonio Ferreira

David Moloney, First Vice-President of the Canadian Agency for International Development (CIDA)

Ms. Cristina Barrios, Ambassador of the special mission to Spain for the reconstruction of Haiti

Mr Pierre Duquesne, ambassador for interdepartmental coordination of aid and reconstruction in Haiti

Mr. Halvor Saetre, Norwegian Ambassador accredited to Venezuela in Haiti

Cheryl Mills, legal advisor to the Secretary of State

Francisco Arias Cárdenas

American Development Bank (IDB)
Mr. Luis Alberto Moreno, IDB President

World Bank (WB)
Alexandre Abrantes, will be responsible for managing the funds allocated through the Reconstruction Fund for Haiti

Caribbean Community (Caricom)
Mr. Percival J. Patterson

United Nations (UN)
Helen Clark, Program Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

European Union (EU)
Stefano Manservisi, Director General for Development European Commission since November 2004


National NGOs
Ms. Rose Anne Auguste Marie Caramel, nurse, social worker and human rights activist in Haiti

Philippe Bécoulet President the CLIO (Framework liaison between NGOs)

Haitian Diaspora
Major Joseph Bernadel, a reservist of the U.S. Army

Organization of American States (OAS)
Ricardo Seitenfus, with special OAS Secretary General

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