Submissions: UN Security Council


Submissions to members of the UN Security Council regarding cholera in Haiti

On Monday 18th March, a delegation of HAWG (Haiti Advocacy Working Group) members met with some UN Security Council (SC) members prior to the debate on the Secretary General’ s regular six-monthly report on MINUSTAH in Haiti.

Among them was Phillip Wearne of the Haiti Support Group. Below are the texts of the two submissions he made, both relating to the deadly cholera epidemic visited on Haiti by UN negligence, and for which the UN refuses to take responsibility.

The first is on the failure of the UN to take action on the report of the UN’s own Independent Experts who made urgent recommendations just weeks short of two years ago now on which Ban Ki-Moon personally promised “prompt and appropriate follow-up.”

The second deals with the funding and implementation of the Plan to Eliminate Cholera which he demonstrates is in deep trouble just weeks after publication.

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