Engaging with Haitian Civil Society Organisations...

...and committing to real change in Haiti

Leading Haitian Lawyer highlights rights crisis for earthquake victims
Special Edition New Internationalist: Haiti Two Years On
Fear for Safety of Human Rights Defender: Urgent Action
Neglected islanders resist plan for Haiti tourism revival
Human Rights Situation Update
Seitenfus: Haiti’s Doctored Elections from the Inside
Killing Highlights Real Danger for Human Rights Defenders in Haiti
Resistance to Occupation in Haiti: Celebrating 10 Years
Haitian Protesters Demand President Resign
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Submissions: UN Security Council
Duvalier Must Face Justice
Former Haitian Dictator Denies Abuses at Historic Hearing
Human Rights Advocates: Pursue Charges Against ‘Baby Doc’
Building Back Better Requires Justice and Haitian Participation
How Human Rights Can Save Haiti
University of San Francisco Honors Haitian Human Rights Lawyer Mario Joseph
Community Radio Reopens after Protests
Petition in support of human rights activists under attack in Haiti
Amnesty International: Threats to human rights lawyers
Haiti’s Second Goudougoudou: The Global Food Crisis
Frakka exige la libération d’Elius Alfred et de Jean Louis Saint Fort
Earthquake Relief where Haiti wasn’t Broken
World Banking: All Change?
Le pouvoir dérive, la société civile sonne l’alarme
Lettre ouverte des mouvements sociaux aux membres du Conseil de Sécurité
State-Of-The-Art Hospital Offers Hope For Haiti
Speaking Out, Paying the Price: Two Years On
Violation des droits humains des déplacés à Port-au-Prince
Participation de l’Etat Haitien: l’Examen Periodique Universel
Housing Coalition submits Demands to Senate
Civil Society Speaks Out on Camp Expulsions
Civil Society Demands End to IHRC Mandate
Réclamons la disparition de la CIRH
Rebuilding Funds: Grassroots Groups
Farcical Hearing at IACHR on Gender Violence in Haiti camps
Delays and Irregularities Mark ‘Smooth’ Election Day
Worrying Increase in Intimidation of Journalists
CIRH a échoué dans sa mission, selon la POHDH
Housing Disaster exposed by Haitian CSO FRAKKA
Les Organismes de Droits Humains Déplorent le Mépris des Autorités …
Haitian grassroots leader submits petition to EU
One year on – Haitian CSO ITECA speaks truth to power in UK parliament
One Year On: Haitians on Haiti
Earthquake One-Year On: Haitians on Haiti
The Poor always Pay: Electoral Crisis in Haiti
First Observations on Port-au-Prince Streets
Delivering on the Elections: Haiti Grassroots Watch
Co-operative Agrikol Bab, Montaca, San Marc
Getting their Reward on Earth: Haitian Social Movements and Reconstruction
Camp Dwellers in New Demonstrations
Former Haitian PM Claudette Werleigh speaking at CAFOD
Report from Batay Ouvriye Demonstration
Earthquake Survivors Demonstrate regarding camp conditions
Growing Intolerance of a Free Media
Campaign for the Rights of those Displaced by Earthquake
Amnesty: Violence against women
Protest the physical abuse of Haitian workers in Port-au-Prince sweatshops!
Return of the FRAPH/FADH documents
Sowing the seeds for a grassroots revival
UNIFEM announces deaths
UNIFEM announces deaths
Campaign for Freedom of Expression
Haiti Support Group Deplores Intimidation of Radio Journalist
Open Letter Calling for Cancellation of Haiti’s External Debt
Caribbean Journalists Link Up with Haiti
Media Rights Advocate Under Threat
Independent Commission to Speed Up Stalled Investigations into Slayings
Guy Delva Interview: “Impunity biggest threat to media freedom”
SOS Journalistes relaunches debate on impunity
International Women’s Day Declaration
SOFA celebrates 20th anniversary
SOS Journalistes launched
SOS Journalistes launched
New Media Association Denounces Journalist Attacks
Interim Prime Minister’s Comments Endanger Haitian Journalist
Alarming Increases in Rape
Prioritise the poor majority
No trees, no top-soil
Marleine Bastien,  Ms magazine ‘Women of the Year’ award winner.
Campaign for the Return of the FRAPH/FADH Documents
Is the US Serious? Shutting Down the Dominican-Haiti Border (HB8)
Is the US Serious? Shutting Down the Dominican-Haiti Border (HB8)
8.13MB The United States has added teeth to the new United Nations sanctions imposed in May by announcing it will assist the Dominican Republic to seal the border it shares with Haiti, and by suspending commercial flights and banning money transfers....

Hundreds Slain in New Wave of Terror (HB7)
Hundreds Slain in New Wave of Terror (HB7)
6.6MB The body of a well-known Aristide supporter, Dady Pierre, murdered on 10 March in Cité Soleil was found with his skull sliced open by machete and his face cut off. Witnesses identified the attackers as a soldier, two atttachés who work closely...

Clampdown in Jérémie (HB6)
Clampdown in Jérémie (HB6)
7.35MB Last October, when the Haitian army refused to comply with the UN-brokered accord to restore democracy, the international community needed to act decisively. It has failed to do so and as a result the Haitian crisis has gone from bad to worse. The...

Mourning Democracy in Haiti (HB5)
Mourning Democracy in Haiti (HB5)
7.02MB Before the September 1991 coup d'état, 1,500 sacks of charcoal per month were shipped from Jérémie on the western tip of Haiti's southern peninsular. Now, over two years later, that figure has risen to over 4,500. This simple statistic points...

UN's Plan for Haiti is On Again (HB4)
5.54MB Coup leaders say yes - or is it maybe? The United Nations plan to end the political deadlock in Haiti appeared to be back on course again after an eleventh hour volte-face by the coup leaders. The proposed plan, engineered over the preceding four...

Haiti: National Tragedy, International Scandal
Haiti: National Tragedy, International Scandal
6.4MB "The dogs eat the bodies very quickly" - Haitian peasant at Titanyen body dump "This is unique, horrifyingly unique. It's the only case where we are forcibly turning people back to the custody of a regime which we have branded a gross violator...

‘Standing Up to Defend our Rights’’ (HB59)
‘Standing Up to Defend our Rights’’ (HB59)
636KB Eramithe Delva, leader and founder of KOFAVIV on why women on the protest march wore black masks over their faces: “We are veiling our faces because this is how they come to our homes to rape us, beat us, destroy our homes, burn our things....