Annual General Meeting 2015: An Invitation


The Haiti Support Group will be holding its next Annual General Meeting on Saturday 20 June 2015. The AGM is an opportunity for our members, supporters and Haiti watchers to learn more about our work. Your input will help us decide our priorities and work schedule over the next twelve months. This is a chance to have a say in deciding how the HSG is run so please do come along!

About the Haiti Support Group

The HSG was launched in June 1992 and works to amplify the voices of civil society organisations in Haiti. We believe that the poor majority and progressive, participatory groups offer the most representative expressions of democracy, justice and equitable development in the country.

Despite hundreds of millions of dollars in aid promised by the international community, however, Haitian civil society remains marginalised from national and international decision-making processes. This lack of engagement has produced policies that have dire consequences for the Haitian poor. Our work helps Haitians who seek to redress widespread political and social injustices to build a just and democratic society in their country. 

Please join us!

Date: Saturday 20 June 2015

Time: 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Venue: Institute of the Americas, Room 105, University of Central London, 51 Gordon Square. London. WC1H OPN

Please email [email protected] to confirm participation in person or via SKYPE

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