Mining, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

No trees, no top-soil

No trees, no top-soil. Lethal mudslides highlight urgent need for reforestation, and agrarian reform – Haiti Support Group press release,

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Uncoordinated and Unworkable Plan: Haiti Grassroots Watch Reports

corail cesselesse -oxfam int
Photo: Corail-Celesse – © Oxfam International

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – nine months after the catastrophic earthquake which killed some 300,000 and left 1.3 million homeless, as reports and articles denounce the terrible conditions in Haiti’s 1,354 squalid refugee camps, the new grassroots “reconstruction watch” effort, Ayiti Kale Je or Haiti Grassroots Watch decided to look into the issue.

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Subsidizing Starvation

Subsidizing Starvation. January 11, 2013  Maura R O’Connor, Foreign Policy How American tax dollars are keeping Arkansas rice growers fat

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