Famous Haitians


Dominique, Jean

Journalist Jean Léopold Dominique was killed yards away from his station, Radio Haïti on April 3, 2000. No-one has ever

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Sanon, Manno

Sanon, Manno, footballer. Born into a poor Port-au-Prince family in 1951, Sanon made his name as a striker with the

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Sixto, Maurice A.

Sixto, Maurice. Humourist and raconteur – Born in Gonaives on 23 May 1919, Sixto attended the prestigious Saint-Louis de Gonzague

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Cloué, Coupé

Coupé Cloué was the alias of Jean Gesner Henry, a guitarist, singer and band leader born in Léogâne in 1925.

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Viaud, Loune

Viaud, Loune. Health worker – Born in the coastal town of Port-Salut in the south of Haiti, Loune Viaud is

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Werleigh, Claudette

Werleigh, Claudette Politician, development and peace campaigner – Born in Cap-Haïtien in 1946, to a well-to-do family, Werleigh trained and

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Boucicault, Esther

Boucicault, Esther. HIV/AIDS activist – Born in Saint-Marc in 1960, Boucicault was diagnosed as HIV positive in 1995. Following the

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