New Internationalist Special Edition. Haiti: Two Years On


New Internationalist Special Edition. Haiti: Two Years On

Beyond Relief Beyond Belief is the lead article in the analysis/special feature section of the January/February 2012 edition of the New Internationalist No. 449 Haiti: Two Years On. Our senior consultant and renowned journalist Phillip Wearne wrote the piece.

The issue also includes an article by Nick Harvey, Where did all the money go? and cartoon introduction to life in the IDP camps, by Jean Phares Jerome and Chevelin Pierre.

New Internationalist is the world’s leading magazine on world poverty and inequality aiming to “bring to life the people, the ideas and action in the fight for global justice.”

The Haiti Support Group also features in a special podcast with Haiti’s leading civil rights lawyer Mario Joseph. We organised a visit to the UK and Belgium for Mario in January 2012. Our former HSG Coordinator Anne McConnell and Phillip Wearne also take part.

Beyond relief, beyond belief
Haiti is not just recovering from the earthquake but from the political and economic interventions of recent decades, as Phillip Wearne explains.
Timeline: Haiti in history
Tents beyond tents
A cartoon introduction to life in the camps in and around Port-au-Prince, by Jean Pharès Jérôme and Chevelin Pierre.
Occupied again
The first independent country of the Americas – but Eduardo Galeano asks will Haiti ever be free?
Where did all the money go?
Nick Harvey assesses the work of the NGOs and UN agencies that have been trying to rebuild Haiti.
Child, soldier, civilian
Having handed in their weapons, former child soldiers in Colombia face a new battle – for acceptance into society. Seth Biderman reports.
Guns and bread
Michael Lewis explores what happens when private security companies muscle in to ‘deliver aid’.

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