“15 Minutes to Leave” – New Report on Haiti Housing Crisis


Five years after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, durable housing solutions remain out of reach for hundreds of thousands of displaced Haitians. Most humanitarian programmes have provided only temporary measures such as transitional shelters or one-year rental grants to allow people to leave displacement camps. Such measures cannot offer a long-term solution to the underlying housing crisis.

Thousands of people have been forcibly evicted from camps or informal settlements. Amnesty International heard time and again from people who had lost everything after being evicted without enough notice to salvage their belongings. Many victims of forced eviction have seen their efforts to rebuild lives and livelihoods destroyed as they are, once again, left homeless.

Although forced evictions from displacement camps decreased in 2014, forced evictions in the context of reconstruction and infrastructure development projects, for which the Haitian authorities are directly responsible, are increasing. This report calls on the Haitian authorities and on the international community to take much more decisive action to make the right to adequate housing a reality for all in Haiti.

Amnesty International’s new report on this situation is available in English, French and Spanish via the following links:

En français In English En español A press release is also available here

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