SOS Journalistes relaunches debate on impunity


SOS Journalistes relaunches debate on impunity

31 March 2006

Le Nouvelliste, translated from French by Charles Arthur for the Haiti Support Group

The executive committee of S.O.S Journalists informs media professionals and the public in general that on Monday, April 3, 2006, it will organize a debate for radio and television broadcast on the topic: “The Media, Justice, and Impunity” at 4pm at Télémax.

During this debate, which coincides with the sixth anniversary of the assassination of the journalist Jean Léopold Dominique, journalists and media specialists will debate and respond to questions from the public. The debate will be broadcast by dozens of media, including Mélodie FM, Radio Metropole, Signal FM, Radio Caraibes FM, Radio-Télé Ginen, Radio Solidarité, Tropic FM, Canal 11, and Radio Soleil d’Haiti in New York.

This sad anniversary will be also the occasion for journalists and media directors to address the problems which block fredom of the press in Haiti and to analyze the fact that the assassins of journalists continue to profit from 100% impunity. Several initiatives – aiming to reinforce media unity, to develop the profession and to consolidate the sector – will be announced at the time of this debate. S.O.S Journalistes is a media organization bringing together journalists and media workers of all tendencies.

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