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    Seven Years On: Haiti Earthquake

    Seven Years On: Haiti Earthquake. Today marks the seventh anniversary of the Haiti earthquake and the start of a challenging…

  • Holding the UN to account for Haiti Cholera

    This Public Policy Lecture is delivered by Professor Philip Alston and hosted by the Centre for Law and Society in a…

  • Scotland For Haiti: Entertainers Rally for a Series of Fundraising Events

    The Edinburgh Caribbean Association, the Haiti Support Group and friends are working together under the umbrella of the Haiti Fundraiser…

  • Haiti Support Group Speaks to TRT World

    Andy Leak of the Haiti Support Group speaks to Martin Stanford on Insight at TRT World about the recent elections…

  • london-rally-for-haiti

    Inconvenient Truth: Hurricane Matthew & Cholera

    Hurricane Matthew made landfall at Les Anglais, Haiti on the 4 October 2016. The category 4 storm brought 150mph winds,…

  • grave-violation

    Hurricane Matthew: An Update from the Haiti Support Group

    Many of you have contacted us over the last few days to ask what you can do in light of…

  • help-victims

    Help Victims Hold UN to Account

  • cholera-campaign

    Join our End Haiti Cholera Campaign!

    End cholera in Haiti now! Please join us in telling the Obama Administration that there is still time to make…

  • democracy-discouraged

    Democracy Discouraged: HSG Report on 2015 Elections

    Democracy Discouraged: Haiti’s 2015 Elections (NEW YORK, September 19, 2016) As Haiti prepares for presidential and legislative elections on October…

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    Unwanted Gifts: A Concise History of Harming Haiti (HB81)

    In October 2010, a United Nations Stabilisation Mission (MINUSTAH) base near Mirebalais polluted the Meille River with faecal matter. The…

  • harming-unwanted-gifts

    Unwanted Gifts: A Concise History of Harming Haiti

    Unwanted Gifts: A Concise History of Harming Haiti. Our new Haiti Briefing No. 81 entitled Unwanted Gifts: A Concise History of Harming…

  • civil-introducing-haiti

    Haitians Deserve the Truth over UN’s Role in Cholera Epidemic

    The 9,200 Haitians killed and more than 800,000 seriously sickened by the UN’s grossly negligent introduction of cholera to Haiti…

  • pressure-mounts

    Pressure on the UN Mounts over Haiti Cholera Crisis

    Pressure on the UN Mounts over Haiti Cholera Crisis Cholera Update On 17 August 2016 journalist Jonathan Katz broke the…

  • responsiblity-cholera-protocols

    Responsibility for Haiti Cholera Crisis: UN Acknowledges Role

    The Haiti Support Group would like to thank all the advocacy and grassroots organisations that have been working hard to push…

  • European Union and Haiti: Everyday Neocolonialism?

    European Union and Haiti: Everyday Neocolonialism? Source: CETRI. Published on 5 July 2016. By Frédéric Thomas The European Union (EU)…

  • annual-general-meeting

    Annual General Meeting July 2016: the Haiti Support Group

    Annual General Meeting July 2016: the Haiti Support Group. Thank you so much for the kind support that you have…

  • dictature-duvalier

    Duvalier Departs. Martelly’s Duvalierism Marches On.

    Duvalier Departs but Martelly's Duvalierism Marches On. Who needs elections? New Haiti Briefing out now! We are now fast approaching…

  • grave-violation

    Grave Violation of the Right to Water in Haiti

    Report Confirms Cholera as a Grave Violation of the Right to Water in Haiti Cholera struck Haiti in October 2010.…

  • anti-capitalist

    Stitched Up: the Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion Launch!

    Stitched Up: The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion Launch! The Haiti Support Group is proud to support the book launch for…

  • dictator-better-class

    Better Class of Dictator? Rebelling against Lies and Illegalities

    From Haiti Briefing 73 (Haiti Support Group, February 2013) The full Briefing (and previous editions) can be downloaded for free here (you…

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    UN Confronts Cholera in Haiti with New Initiative but Few Specifics

    Photo: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon - © Cia Pak UN Confronts Cholera in Haiti with New Initiative but Few Specifics 16 December…

  • foreign-rompuy-eu-ground-rhetoric

    The EU and Civil Society: Where to from Here?

    The EU and Civil Society: Where to from Here?. HSG from Brussels, 7&8-05-2012 To Brussels for a two-day forum organized by…

  • news-views

    New Internationalist Special Edition. Haiti: Two Years On

    New Internationalist Special Edition. Haiti: Two Years On Beyond Relief Beyond Belief is the lead article in the analysis/special feature section…

  • HSG at House of Commons Commemoration of 12 Jan 2010 Earthquake

    Speech delivered by Phillip Wearne of the HAITI SUPPORT GROUP as part of a House of Commons public meeting on…

  • Reappraising Vodou in Haiti

    This special edition Haiti Briefing features an in-depth background on vodou, the religion of Haiti. Vodou is a major feature…

  • wpdmpro

    Reappraising Vodou (HB28)

    Vodou, the religion of Haiti, is a major feature of Haitian history, society, culture and identity.

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    Crack Appears in New Police Force (HB27)

    Drug alert deepens as rocks of crack cocaine are found on sale in Cité Soleil.

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    Morale-Boosting Soccer Triumph (HB26)

    While the political crisis deepened, with still no Prime Minister and half of the ministers of state also resigning, Haitians…

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    Wage Slavery (HB21)

    Haitian workers in the capital’s assembly plants work in hot, airless, and dimly lit factories sewing gloves, underwear, sports clothes and…

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    Land Reform – the Number One Demand (HB19)

    “Land is truly the Number One biggest demand of Haitian peasants who have fought and died for it, because only…

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    Between the Peasants and the Donors (HB17)

    New President of Haiti, Rene Préval, unveils his strategy to try to repair Haiti’s shattered economy.

  • Aristide

    Aristide Returns — Mission Accomplished? (HB10)

    Three years ago, who would have betted on President Aristide returning to Haiti? Let alone with the support of the…

  • Clinton's

    Military Calls Clinton’s Bluff (HB9)

    Will the invasion of Haiti happen? Does anyone know? Does Clinton know? As we go to press, sources in Washington…

  • Dominican-Haiti

    Is the US Serious? Shutting Down the Dominican-Haiti Border (HB8)

    The United States has added teeth to the new United Nations sanctions imposed in May by announcing it will assist…

  • slain

    Hundreds Slain in New Wave of Terror (HB7)

    The body of a well-known Aristide supporter, Dady Pierre, murdered on 10 March in Cité Soleil was found with his…

  • clampdown

    Clampdown in Jérémie (HB6)

    Last October, when the Haitian army refused to comply with the UN-brokered accord to restore democracy, the international community needed…

  • mourning

    Mourning Democracy in Haiti (HB5)

    Before the September 1991 coup d’état, 1,500 sacks of charcoal per month were shipped from Jérémie on the western tip of…

  • plan

    UN’s Plan for Haiti is On Again (HB4)

    Coup leaders say yes – or is it maybe? The United Nations plan to end the political deadlock in Haiti…

  • mayor

    Mayor of Port-au-Prince to Address London Haiti Conference (HB3)

    Mayor Evans Paul is a founder and leading spokesman for the Front for National Change and Democracy, Haiti’s most popular political…

  • scandal

    Haiti: National Tragedy, International Scandal (HB2)

    “The dogs eat the bodies very quickly” – Haitian peasant at Titanyen body dump “This is unique, horrifyingly unique. It’s…

  • campaign

    The Haiti Support Campaign (HB1)

    Haiti is so close to the enormously rich United States of America – a plane ride from the capital, Port-au-Prince,…