Elections & Politics in Haiti

  • wpdmpro

    An Electoral Farce: But Who Is Laughing? (HB80)

     26 Download(s) On 12 January 2015, the mandates of a second third of the Haitian Senate and of the whole…

  • wpdmpro

    Duvalier Departs, but Martelly’s Duvalierism Marches On: Who Needs Elections? (HB78)

     31 Download(s) The fifth anniversary of the devastating earthquake of 2010 will mark another historic moment: it is the day…

  • wpdmpro

    Un dictateur plus classe ? (HB73)

     299 Download(s) Révolte contre les mensonges et les illégalités  

  • lavalas

    Long Hot Summer for Aristide (HB47)

     258 Download(s) The government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, which came to power with a landslide electoral victory only two years ago,…

  • wpdmpro

    Danger Signs After Coup Bid (HB45)

     255 Download(s) Political tensions deepened and violence flared following an apparent coup attempt against the government on the night of…

  • wpdmpro

    Feeling the Fallout from the attacks on the US (HB44)

     224 Download(s) The United States’ declaration of a “war on terrorism” following the 11 September attacks was met with some…

  • wpdmpro

    A Full House but Nobody Home (HB42)

     251 Download(s) Almost one year since elections that returned a Parliament completely dominated by President Aristide’s Lavalas Family Party, the…

  • wpdmpro

    Aristide is Back (HB41)

     231 Download(s) Ten yearssince he was first elected President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide has returned to power following an election in November…

  • wpdmpro

    Scale of Lavalas Victory Questioned (HB39)

     221 Download(s) The May 21st elections returned a huge victory for Jean-Betrand Aristide’s new, populist Lavalas Family party. According to…

  • wpdmpro

    Chronicle of an Election Postponed (HB38)

     288 Download(s) Elections for every single elected office in Haiti, save the Presidency and a third of the Senate, have…