Haiti Earthquake Appeal 2021 - Who to Support

Here at the Haiti Support Group we work to amplify the voices of Haitian grassroots and civil society organisations. At all times, we prioritise their demands because they are the only ones in a position to build back their country.

We recommend therefore that you consider donating to one of the following organisations who support this vision and are working with Haitians, not against them.

There is some very helpful advice on the Anthropolitics website that recommends donating directly to Lambi Fund of HaitiFOKAL (Fondasyon pou Konesans ak Libète), ORE (l’Organisation pour la Réhabilitation de l’Environnement) and Fondation Paradis des Indiens. Their website states: 

Many seeing the international coverage about the August 14 earthquakes are asking, how do we support? Where should we donate? It’s hard to answer because those most effective in humanitarian aid delivery are local groups, organizations/associations that are already a part of the communities or have longstanding relationships with impacted communities. They are respected and trusted, run by longtime Haitian professionals. There is also often no direct line to get donations to these groups.

Invest in reinforcing Haitian capacity. Not only are local professionals and community based organizations better equipped with the linguistic, cultural, and social know-how and relationships, they are trusted partners or part of impacted communities who should be the one to define their own priorities and create their future.

Meanwhile, all groups thinking about working in Haiti should contact the Departmental Emergency Cooridnation Center (COUD) for the area in which they work.

In addition, you can look at this helpful list of trusted emergency responders for donations compiled by the Haiti Response Coalition.

Please also consider supporting Kounbite pou Ranfose Aksyon Lakay (KORAL) and Le Groupe de Recherche et d’Appui en Milieu Rural (GRAMIR).

Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list. Please do send us any recommendations/additions you might like to see added to this page. Also note that the Haiti Support Group might not necessarily share all the views of these organisations and this platform is only intended to disseminate information.

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