A turbulent story still being told…

History and Haiti

To say that Haiti has had a turbulent history, is probably a massive understatement. Here the Haiti Support Group provides more information and analysis about the fascinating, if often tragic, past of the country.

A revolutionary legacy: Haiti and Toussaint Louverture
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80 Years On: Revisiting the Massacre
Fighting for Freedom
Fighting for Freedom
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Reports on Aristide’s return to Haiti
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Timeline of Haitian Politics
Reality of Post-Aristide Haiti
Summary of Key HSG Events 1992-2000
Unwanted Gifts: A Concise History of Harming Haiti (HB81)
Unwanted Gifts: A Concise History of Harming Haiti (HB81)
Download PDF A historical insight into centuries of international meddling and mishaps in Haiti. Will they ever learn? In October 2010, a United Nations Stabilisation Mission (MINUSTAH) base near Mirebalais polluted the Meille River with faecal matter....

Petrol Price Rise Fuels Discontent (HB48)
Petrol Price Rise Fuels Discontent (HB48)
Download PDF In January, the cash-strapped Haitian government bowed to pressure from the International Monetary Fund and withdrew the state subsidy pegging petrol, diesel and kerosene prices at well below the world market rate. The price of vehicle fuel...

Long Hot Summer for Aristide (HB47)
Long Hot Summer for Aristide (HB47)
Download PDF The government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, which came to power with a landslide electoral victory only two years ago, is facing sliding popularity and mounting protest on all fronts. At root of the deepening disillusionment is the continued...

Danger Signs After Coup Bid (HB45)
Danger Signs After Coup Bid (HB45)
Download PDF Political tensions deepened and violence flared following an apparent coup attempt against the government on the night of the 16th December. Around 30 armed men took over the Presidential Palace, but after exchanges of gunfire with police...

Aristide is Back (HB41)
Aristide is Back (HB41)
Download PDF Ten yearssince he was first elected President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide has returned to power following an election in November that was boycotted by all the main opposition parties. They refused to take part, claiming that, far from being...

Chronicle of an Election Postponed (HB38)
Chronicle of an Election Postponed (HB38)
Download PDF Elections for every single elected office in Haiti, save the Presidency and a third of the Senate, have been due since the end of 1998. Members of Parliament had blocked new elections by vetoing the President's nominees for a Prime Minister,...

Unwelcome, Unwanted: Haitian Migrant Workers (HB37)
Unwelcome, Unwanted: Haitian Migrant Workers (HB37)
Download PDF When a boat carrying some 400 Haitians ran aground just two miles off the Florida coast on New Year's Day, the British media had its first Haiti headline story for several years. Haiti 'boat-people' is an old chestnut that is easy to roast...

Sowing the Seeds for a Grassroots Revival (HB34)
Sowing the Seeds for a Grassroots Revival (HB34)
Download PDF These are dark days in Haiti. The promise of economic renewal funded by international development aid has come to nothing. Impunity for human rights violators has given birth to a pervasive sense of insecurity. Common crime is on the increase,...

Fed Up with Violence (HB33)
Fed Up with Violence (HB33)
Download PDF In Creole, there are many ways to express a dilemma. But these days, most Haitians would probably tell you that they are "caught between two fires". One fire is the 'forces of darkness', the legions of former Tonton Macoutes, soldiers, paramilitary...

Collapse of Parliament Heralds Aristide Comeback (HB32)
Collapse of Parliament Heralds Aristide Comeback (HB32)
Download PDF The political crisis, simmering for the best part of two years, finally came to the boil in January. Parliamentary elections due in 1997 and 1998 had been cancelled, and the existing Parliament had rejected several attempts by the President...