Crime, Drugs & Security

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    Crackdown on gangs brings fragile calm (HB61)

     333 Download(s) At the beginning of the year, the Police Nationale d’Haïti (PNH) and the UN Stabilisation Mission in Haiti…

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    Insecurity’s hidden hands (HB60)

     264 Download(s) The government has faced its sternest challenge since it took office in early June following a dramatic increase…

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    Military approach criticised (HB55)

     233 Download(s) In June, 800 more troops were added to UN stabilisation mission in Haiti, bringing the number of soldiers…

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    Gunning Down the Poor (HB54)

     244 Download(s) Police or ‘police’ – Uniformed men carry out operations in Port-au-Prince and other cities, but no one can…

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    Return of the Death-Squads (HB53)

     235 Download(s) The news from Haiti over the last few months has been unremittingly bad. The interim government – appointed…

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    Armed opposition now part of a new strategy (HB50)

     237 Download(s) With apparent guidance from the US International Republican Institute (IRI), the anti-Aristide opposition is engaged in a three-…

  • lavalas

    Long Hot Summer for Aristide (HB47)

     105 Download(s) The government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, which came to power with a landslide electoral victory only two years ago,…

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    Time for the ‘Politicians’ to Step Aside (HB43)

     97 Download(s) Diplomatic missions have come and gone. Eleventh hour meetings have been boycotted; others have been postponed. Shots have…

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    A Full House but Nobody Home (HB42)

     86 Download(s) Almost one year since elections that returned a Parliament completely dominated by President Aristide’s Lavalas Family Party, the…

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    Death and Confusion – who Controls the Police? (HB36)

     98 Download(s) The question of criminal and political violence in Haiti has raised a great deal of controversy since the…

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    Fed Up with Violence (HB33)

     101 Download(s) In Creole, there are many ways to express a dilemma. But these days, most Haitians would probably tell…

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    Crack Appears in New Police Force (HB27)

     50 Download(s) Drug alert deepens as rocks of crack cocaine are found on sale in Cité Soleil.

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    Lavalas Splits, Violence Increases (HB23)

     91 Download(s) The ‘gran manjè‘ – literally the big eaters – are the ‘fat cats’, the corrupt politicians, the government…

  • protests

    Protests Leave Lavalas Shaking (HB22)

     200 Download(s) Roadblocks, demonstrations and strikes – during the month of January generalised discontent was channelled into action in a…

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    Chickens Come Home to Roost (HB20)

     88 Download(s) Following several weeks of shootings and bomb threats, former soldiers from the disbanded Haitian army are threatening more…

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    Piggy in the Middle (HB18)

     57 Download(s) “The first stage was when the police feared the people. The second stage that we are in now…

  • forward

    One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (HB14)

     108 Download(s) Haiti’s parliamentary and local elections on June 25 resulted in a commanding victory for the Lavalas platform (PPL)…

  • US

    Problems Not Solved by US Presence (HB 11)

     101 Download(s) There has been so little news in the mainstream media you could be forgiven for thinking that, with…

  • Dominican-Haiti

    Is the US Serious? Shutting Down the Dominican-Haiti Border (HB8)

     164 Download(s) The United States has added teeth to the new United Nations sanctions imposed in May by announcing it…

  • slain

    Hundreds Slain in New Wave of Terror (HB7)

     251 Download(s) The body of a well-known Aristide supporter, Dady Pierre, murdered on 10 March in Cité Soleil was found…