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Duvalier Departs. Martelly’s Duvalierism Marches On.
Pushed out for airing dirty laundry?
Death of U.S.-Backed Ex-Dictator “Baby Doc” Duvalier
No Presidency for Wyclef
Van Rompuy in Haiti this Week – An Update
STOP PRESS: Duvalierist Diktat and Disdain
Comments on the run-off election on 20 March
Real Elections Winner?
Candidates for 2010 Presidential Elections
Interim government paves way for return of the military
Martelly and Washington Push For Another “Electoral Hold-Up”
Foreign policy chief urged to aid accountability
Democracy and Disarmament in Haiti: BBC Investigates
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Seitenfus: Haiti’s Doctored Elections from the Inside
Interim Government Uses ‘Terrorist’ Smear to Repress Opponents
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Duvalier on Trial: Justice or Joke?
HSG Election blog
HSG Election blog
Haiti’s Presidential Candidates’ Quest for Unity. For now.
Reality of Post-Aristide Haiti
Duvalier Must Face Justice
OAS with “shopping list” for Martelly
Few Answers at Presidential Debate
Double standards: The UN Condemns Baby Doc, but Exonerates Itself
Martelly Disguises Inexperience with Easy Charm
Haitian Protesters Demand President Resign
Duvalier Hearing Could be Historic Despite U.S. Obstruction
Lawmakers Urge Clinton to Ensure Haiti Elections are Inclusive
Justice pour Jean Dominique et Jean Claude Louissaint!
Better Class of Dictator? Rebelling against Lies and Illegalities
M. Pierre-Louis Speaking in London
Next Haitian President: Who Will It Be?
Delivering on the Elections: Haiti Grassroots Watch
Protests Erupt as Haiti Election goes to Run-Off
The Poor always Pay: Electoral Crisis in Haiti
Olympic Records – Lamothe Style
Baby Doc’s Return to Haiti Revives Dark Memories of Duvalier Era
Singer Faces Former First Lady in Presidential Runoff
Aristide Return: Haiti Spoiler or Savior?
Mobilization against Martelly: Point of No Return?
Haiti’s Constitutional Horror Show
Personality, not Politics, Divides Haiti’s Presidential Candidates
Reports on Aristide’s return to Haiti
Considérations au Niveau des Secteurs de Droits Humains
Haitian elections: split reactions to Martelly victory
Martelly: Making the Grade?
Haiti Brief on Political Situation March 2012
Delays Certifying Election Results
Haitian Diaspora Allowed to Vote
‘Killing Democracy’ in Haiti, Canadian-Style
Return of Aristide: Homecoming or Comeback?
Martelly PM Pick had Rocky Tenure as Top Cop
Haïti: Clinton, décoré et remis en selle
No Major Haiti Risk Seen from Wyclef Election Bar
Port-au-Prince or Port-au-President?
Discours du Président Martelly à la CIRH
Travaux de Refonte de la Loi Électorale encore Incertaines
Haïti: 100 jours sans aucun gouvernement formel
Gary Conille est officiellement désigné Premier Ministre
Conille gets Crucial Nod in Haiti
Faces from Haiti’s Brutal Regime Return
Haïti-Duvalier : Un an d’impunité et de mépris des victimes de la dictature
Amnesty Slams Haitian Judiciary for Dropping Duvalier Case
On Eve of Carnival, Political Crisis Looms
Haiti’s Prime Minister Quits After 4 Months
Haiti Prime Minister Nominee Made Official
Martelly impliqué dans un grave scandale de corruption, selon la presse dominicaine
Foreign Minister Approved as New Premier
Constitutional changes to become law in Haiti a year after vote
Government Faces Mounting Popular Anger
Martelly Regime Veers Hard Right with Cabinet Reshuffle
WikiLeaks Cables: Did the US Green-Light Duvalier’s Return in 2011?
Timeline of Haitian Politics
Former Haitian Dictator Denies Abuses at Historic Hearing
Haiti’s ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier Hospitalised
Haiti’s Finance Minister Resigns
2nd Haiti minister resigns in as many days
Why Richard Morse left Haiti’s government
Haiti’s Prominent Political Party to Run
Haitian legal system drags its heels in Duvalier case
Legislative Elections Postponed Indefinitely
An Electoral Farce: But who is laughing? (HB80)
An Electoral Farce: But who is laughing? (HB80)
1.18MB The international community requires that elections in Haiti be ‘credible’, that is that they bear just enough resemblance to the ‘real thing’ for them not to be laughed off the stage... Jockeying for position On 12 January 2015,...

Who needs elections? (HB78)
Who needs elections? (HB78)
763KB We are now fast approaching the fifth anniversary of the 12 January 2010 earthquake. In many ways, it will be a historic moment for Haiti. Not only because of the devastation caused five years ago but also as it is the day on which the country...
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Qui a besoin d
Qui a besoin d'élections? (HB78)
747KB Le cinquième anniversaire du séisme dévastateur de 2010 marquera un autre moment historique : ce jour-là, Haïti deviendra officiellement une dictature, faisant ainsi, à peine quelques mois après la mort de Jean-Claude Duvalier, un gigantesque...

A Better Class of Dictator? (HB73)
A Better Class of Dictator? (HB73)
630KB Rebelling against the lies and illegalities. Three years after the earth- quake of January 12, 2010, Haiti paused last month to remember and reflect. It might seem unimaginable given a cholera epidemic with a death toll now nudging 8000, some 360,000...

Un dictateur plus classe ? (HB73)
Un dictateur plus classe ? (HB73)
857KB Révolte contre les mensonges et les illégalités   ...

No joke as carnival music stops (HB66)
No joke as carnival music stops (HB66)
203KB Post-election political paralysis. Michel Martelly supporters seize control of Port-au-Prince, in response to official election results. The smoldering ruin of the ruling Inite party’s headquarters on Avenue Lamartinière Port-au-Prince seemed...

Can Préval’s government deliver? (HB58)
Can Préval’s government deliver? (HB58)
439KB Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis and President René Préval have demanded that all armed gangs surrender their weapons or risk being killed. ...

Election victory for the Haitian people (HB57)
Election victory for the Haitian people (HB57)
922KB Préval supporters took to the streets of Port-au-Prince to protest against alleged fraud and vote-rigging. ...

Doubts About Elections (HB56)
Doubts About Elections (HB56)
1.41MB Voters stand in line outside a polling station in Port-au-Prince in 1995. Size of turn-out will determine success of this year’s elections. ...

The End of Aristide (HB52)
The End of Aristide (HB52)
1.33MB The collapse of Aristide’s Lavalas Family government at the end of February can only partly be explained by the sudden appearance of former Army and FRAPH death- squad figures from the past, although they were the ones who enacted the coup. ...