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  • wpdmpro

    Undermining accountability in the new gold rush: The Miners Next Door (HB77)

    Haiti’s government heralds recent discoveries of gold and silver on its side of the island as the bootstrap the country…

  • wpdmpro

    Building Back Failure – Bigger But No Better Caracol: None of Your Business (HB75)

    Bill and Hillary Clinton hyperbole aside, even its leading cheerleaders never actually expected much of the Caracol Industrial Park (CIP)…

  • wpdmpro

    Caracol : c’est pas vos affaires (HB75)

    Le cumul des échecs : plus grand mais pas mieux

  • wpdmpro

    Petrol Price Rise Fuels Discontent (HB48)

    In January, the cash-strapped Haitian government bowed to pressure from the International Monetary Fund and withdrew the state subsidy pegging…

  • lavalas

    Long Hot Summer for Aristide (HB47)

    The government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, which came to power with a landslide electoral victory only two years ago, is facing…

  • wpdmpro

    Feeling the Fallout from the attacks on the US (HB44)

    The United States’ declaration of a “war on terrorism” following the 11 September attacks was met with some scepticism, if…

  • wpdmpro

    Time for the ‘Politicians’ to Step Aside (HB43)

    Diplomatic missions have come and gone. Eleventh hour meetings have been boycotted; others have been postponed. Shots have been fired,…

  • wpdmpro

    Solidarity Boosts Union Action (HB40)

    After a year-long campaign, the labour union representing some 300 workers at the Marnier-Lapostelle orange plantation in northern Haiti has…

  • migrant

    Unwelcome, Unwanted: Haitian Migrant Workers (HB37)

    When a boat carrying some 400 Haitians ran aground just two miles off the Florida coast on New Year’s Day,…

  • wpdmpro

    Lavalas Splits, Violence Increases (HB23)

    The ‘gran manjè‘ – literally the big eaters – are the ‘fat cats’, the corrupt politicians, the government bureaucrats and…


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