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2nd Haiti minister resigns in as many days
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Haitian legal system drags its heels in Duvalier case
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Martelly and Washington Push For Another “Electoral Hold-Up”
Haiti Moves to Tighten Laws on Sexual Violence
Duvalier on Trial: Justice or Joke?
U.S. Holds Key to Duvalier Prosecution
Duvalier Must Face Justice
Haiti’s ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier Hospitalised
Haitian Reporters Accuse President’s Security of Attack
Former Haitian Dictator Denies Abuses at Historic Hearing
Double standards: The UN Condemns Baby Doc, but Exonerates Itself
Duvalier Hearing Could be Historic Despite U.S. Obstruction
Government “free school” Program – A Victory?
Human Rights Advocates: Pursue Charges Against ‘Baby Doc’
WikiLeaks Cables: Did the US Green-Light Duvalier’s Return in 2011?
Better Class of Dictator? Rebelling against Lies and Illegalities
Martelly Regime Veers Hard Right with Cabinet Reshuffle
Outsourcing sovereignty – Interview with Justin Podur on Haiti’s New Dictatorship
World Bank “Success” Undermines Haitian Democracy
Mobilization against Martelly: Point of No Return?
Haiti’s Constitutional Horror Show
Government Faces Mounting Popular Anger
Throwing Activists Into Crowded Jails: How Haiti’s Government is Silencing the Opposition
Pride and Palaces
Pride and Palaces
Cheering the Athletes, Booing the Government
Ban Ki-moon Recommends Renewal of MINUSTAH Mandate
Tropical Storm Isaac: Victims fault government for not enough “concrete action”
Directorate General of Taxation (DGI) is “wrong” in the case of André Apaid
Le 5e conseil de gouvernement se tient aux Cayes
Constitutional changes to become law in Haiti a year after vote
Martelly: Making the Grade?
Foreign Minister Approved as New Premier
Martelly impliqué dans un grave scandale de corruption, selon la presse dominicaine
Haiti Prime Minister Nominee Made Official
Haiti Brief on Political Situation March 2012
Haiti’s Prime Minister Quits After 4 Months
On Eve of Carnival, Political Crisis Looms
Amnesty Slams Haitian Judiciary for Dropping Duvalier Case
Haïti-Duvalier : Un an d’impunité et de mépris des victimes de la dictature
Haiti-Séisme-2 ans: Un incroyable fiasco
Faces from Haiti’s Brutal Regime Return
Des organisations des droits humains exhortent la présidence
Conille gets Crucial Nod in Haiti
Gary Conille est officiellement désigné Premier Ministre
Haïti: 100 jours sans aucun gouvernement formel
Travaux de Refonte de la Loi Électorale encore Incertaines
Discours du Président Martelly à la CIRH
Haïti: Clinton, décoré et remis en selle
Martelly PM Pick had Rocky Tenure as Top Cop
Refugee Camps: Haitian Mayor’s Office Vows to Destroy Them All
Haitian Diaspora Allowed to Vote
Delays Certifying Election Results
‘Killing Democracy’ in Haiti, Canadian-Style
Haitian elections: split reactions to Martelly victory
Delays and Irregularities Mark ‘Smooth’ Election Day
Return of Aristide: Homecoming or Comeback?
Considérations au Niveau des Secteurs de Droits Humains
Reports on Aristide’s return to Haiti
Personality, not Politics, Divides Haiti’s Presidential Candidates
Aristide Return: Haiti Spoiler or Savior?
Singer Faces Former First Lady in Presidential Runoff
Baby Doc’s Return to Haiti Revives Dark Memories of Duvalier Era
The Poor always Pay: Electoral Crisis in Haiti
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M. Pierre-Louis Speaking in London
Democracy and Disarmament in Haiti: BBC Investigates
No Major Haiti Risk Seen from Wyclef Election Bar
Port-au-Prince or Port-au-President?
Legislative Elections Postponed Indefinitely
Timeline of Haitian Politics
Reality of Post-Aristide Haiti
Interim Government Uses ‘Terrorist’ Smear to Repress Opponents
Interim government paves way for return of the military
Justice pour Jean Dominique et Jean Claude Louissaint!
Aristide Statement to International Press
Doing the Election Dance (HB35)
Doing the Election Dance (HB35)
Download PDF In 1990, the majority of Haitians were enthusiastic voters, but then saw their elected candidate overthrown by a military coup. When, three years later, President Aristide was returned to power by the United Nations, part of the deal was...

Collapse of Parliament Heralds Aristide Comeback (HB32)
Collapse of Parliament Heralds Aristide Comeback (HB32)
Download PDF The political crisis, simmering for the best part of two years, finally came to the boil in January. Parliamentary elections due in 1997 and 1998 had been cancelled, and the existing Parliament had rejected several attempts by the President...

Old Tricks, New Dog: US
Old Tricks, New Dog: US 'Democracy Enhancement' (HB31)
Download PDF It is common knowledge that the United States uses covert operations and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to destabilize and even overthrow progressive governments, and to subvert democratic political movements throughout the Americas...

What a Foul-Up (HB25)
What a Foul-Up (HB25)
Download PDF In the April elections for nine Senators and 700 seats on new local assemblies only 5% of the registered electorate cast their votes. Commentators proffered various explanations for the pathetic turnout, ranging from the absence of a tradition...

Lavalas Splits, Violence Increases (HB23)
Lavalas Splits, Violence Increases (HB23)
Download PDF The 'gran manjè' - literally the big eaters - are the 'fat cats', the corrupt politicians, the government bureaucrats and other Haitians officials who are getting rich off the backs of the poor. The anti-gran manjè theme sponteneously...

Protests Leave Lavalas Shaking (HB22)
Protests Leave Lavalas Shaking (HB22)
Download PDF Roadblocks, demonstrations and strikes - during the month of January generalised discontent was channelled into action in a wave of protests against the government's economic policy. Towards the end of last year there were strikes by shopkeepers,...

Farewell Aristide (HB16)
Farewell Aristide (HB16)
Download PDF So it's farewell to President Aristide who hands over to his successor, René Préval, on February 7th. As the living embodiment of the Haitian people's aspiration for the creation of a new society, Aristide has been a quite incredible phenomenon....

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (HB14)
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (HB14)
Download PDF Haiti's parliamentary and local elections on June 25 resulted in a commanding victory for the Lavalas platform (PPL) supported by President Aristide. Lavalas candidates were outright winners of 5 out of 18 seats in the Senate, and 16 out...

A Democracy Made of Cardboard (HB12)
A Democracy Made of Cardboard (HB12)
Download PDF Nobody with an understanding of the Haitian political scene believed that the return of Aristide last October would mean that the struggle for democracy was over. The restoration of the legitimate president was a step forward but just a...

Problems Not Solved by US Presence (HB 11)
Problems Not Solved by US Presence (HB 11)
Download PDF There has been so little news in the mainstream media you could be forgiven for thinking that, with the return of Aristide, all Haiti's problems are over. Unfortunately, this is not so. The US-dominated multinational force is failing to...