Boucicault, Esther

Boucicault, Esther. HIV/AIDS activist – Born in Saint-Marc in 1960, Boucicault was diagnosed as HIV positive in 1995. Following the death of her husband and

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Border of Lights

  Border of Lights, October 4-6, 2012 –  Dajabón, Dominican Republic. People from around the world will come together under the banner of Border of

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12 January 2012: Year Zero + 2

Year Zero + 2. HSG from London, 12-01-2012 “People think solidarity is just about money. It’s not. It’s about your sustained support,” Mario Joseph, probably

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Uncoordinated and Unworkable Plan: Haiti Grassroots Watch Reports

corail cesselesse -oxfam int
Photo: Corail-Celesse – © Oxfam International

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – nine months after the catastrophic earthquake which killed some 300,000 and left 1.3 million homeless, as reports and articles denounce the terrible conditions in Haiti’s 1,354 squalid refugee camps, the new grassroots “reconstruction watch” effort, Ayiti Kale Je or Haiti Grassroots Watch decided to look into the issue.

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Bastien, Marleine

Social worker, community activist – Bastien grew up in Pont Benoit, a village in central Haiti. Her father, Philippe, built the area’s first school, and

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Struggle Against Impunity

Struggle Against Impunity Two Years On: a Message of Solidarity with Haitian Organizations Working for Justice, April 3, 2002 In solidarity with the Jean Dominique

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Auguste, Rose Anne

Auguste, Rose Anne. Nurse, social worker, and human rights activist – Born on November 29, 1963, in Jérémie, During the 1970s, she attended the Pressoir

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OEA et le Gouvernement d’Haïti annoncent US$1,5m au projet de cadastre

Port-au-Prince, le 25 octobre 2010 – (AHP)

L’Organisation des États Américains (OEA) et le Ministère des Travaux publics, Transports et Communications d’Haïti ont annoncé aujourd’hui une contribution du secteur privé de 1, 5 million de dollars pour le projet FONCIER HAÏTI, élaboré par l’ONACA (Office national du Cadastre) et l’OEA.

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