Subsidizing Starvation

Subsidizing Starvation. January 11, 2013  Maura R O’Connor, Foreign Policy How American tax dollars are keeping Arkansas rice growers fat on the farm and starving

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Beyani Looking for IDP Solutions

Beyani, UN Special Rapporteur Looking for IDP Solutions. HSG reporting from London, 22-02-2012 On to Chatham House, the world famous think-tank where we took part

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Taino queen – Born in Yaguana (today the town of Léogâne), the flourishing capital of Xaragua, the most prosperous and heavily populated of the indigenous

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Amnesty: Violence against women

Gender-based violence, in particular rape of women by gang members, was reported increasingly frequently in impoverished neighbourhoods of the capital. Long overdue reforms to the

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Alexis, Jacques Stephen

Writer, poet, activist – A descendent of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Alexis was born on 22 April 1922, in Gonaïves. His father was a journalist, historian and

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Haiti ‘got very lucky’ as Tomas Skirted Island

tomas - canadian red cross
Photo: Tomas aftermath in Leogane – © Canadian Red Cross

JONATHAN M. KATZ, The Associated Press

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Tropical Storm Tomas pushed northward Saturday after hitting parts of Haiti as a hurricane, leaving villagers to mop up, evacuees to return to their tents and most everyone relieved that the country did not suffer what could have been its first big disaster since the January earthquake.

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Journalism in Haiti

Journalism in Haiti Haiti is a dangerous place to be a journalist. For decades, the press has been at times stifled, at other times divided;

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Tumultuous Year Ahead in Haiti

Tumultuous Year Ahead in Haiti, January 9, 2013. Kim Ives, Haïti liberté. Original article here Martelly Regime Presents Aristide a Warrant, Duvalier a Diplomatic Passport

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M. Pierre-Louis Speaking in London

Pierre-Louis Speaking in London Haiti: building a future to last Nine months after Haiti’s devastating earthquake what lessons are there for the international community –

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clinic Haiti

Anger Erupts at UN as Cholera Toll Nears 1,000

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Nov 16, 2010 (IPS) – “People are going to take the body to MINUSTAH to show them what they did,” Jean-Luc Surfin told IPS by phone as riots erupted against Haiti’s U.N. peacekeeping force on Monday in the northern city of Cap-Haitien.

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