Book of Vodou

Book of Vodou by Leah Gordon Published by Barron’s Educational Series. ISBN 0-7641-5249-1 Price £10.50 ‘The Book of Vodou’ is an engaging and colourful introduction

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Protest against Dominican Republic

Protest against Dominican Republic making People of Haitian Descent Stateless On September 25th, the Constitutional Court (CC) of the Dominican Republic issued ruling 168/13. This denies Dominican

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Real Elections Winner?

Real Elections Winner? HSG reporting from Port-au-Prince 24-03-2011 I admit it wasn’t as much of a mess as I had seen on November 28th. Even

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Candidates for 2010 Presidential Elections

Official list of the 19 confirmed candidates (published 20 August, 2010) (Elections Presidentielles-Haiti 2010) 1- Axan Delson ABELLARD,  Parti «Konbit Nasyonal pour Devlopman, 2- Jacques-Edouard ALEXIS, Mobilisation

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Morisseau-Leroy, Félix

Poet, playwright – Born in Grand-Gossier in 1912 into a family of well-to-do mulattoes, he learnt both French and later English. Morisseau-Leroy studied at Columbia

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Peck, Raoul

Peck, Raoul. Film maker – Grew up in Zaire where his parents had emigrated to escape the Duvalier dictatorship when he was eight years old.

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Labour Solidarity Meeting on Haiti

Caribbean Labour Solidarity Meeting on Haiti Following the success of the Haitian people winning their freedom from French enslavement in the 1791 revolution, the citizens

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